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Public Service Announcements

Webinars With Food Allergy Expert Speakers


Anaphylaxis Diagnosis and Treatment Topics

Food Allergy Anaphylaxis in Infants and Toddlers (May 2021)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, (pediatric allergist at MassGeneral Hospital for Children in Boston, Massachusetts), Sanaz Eftekhari (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Vice President of Research), and Melanie Carver (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America's Chief Mission Officer) for a webinar on the results of a study on anaphylaxis in infants and toddlers.

Food Allergies and Risk Factors for Anaphylaxis (May 2017)
Margaret Redmond, MD reviews what a food allergy is, the diagnosis of anaphylaxis, the risk factors for fatal anaphylaxis and how to mitigate these risks.

Anaphylaxis in America: What Do Doctors Know? (April 2015)
Philip Lieberman, MD, shares the stunning findings about what doctors understand about daily life for people at risk for severe allergic reactions. Dr. Lieberman is one of the authors of Anaphylaxis in America. Anaphylaxis in America is a project of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Everything You Need to Know about Epinephrine, and More (February 2014)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, and Angela Nace, PharmD, talk about epinephrine auto-injectors. They discuss how epinephrine treats anaphylaxis and other key facts. They answer questions about storage of auto-injectors, antihistamines, accidental injections and more.

Anaphylaxis in America (November 2013)
Robert Wood, MD, reviews the research study, Anaphylaxis in America, for parents and patients. He answers audience qblanuestions about anaphylaxis. Dr. Wood is the chief of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at Johns Hopkins. Anaphylaxis in America is a project of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Food Allergy Management and Treatment Topics

Health Insurance 101 for People With Asthma and Allergies (March 2017)
Prue Fitzpatrick, MPH, a member of the Board of Directors for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, discussed key things to know about health insurance when you have asthma and allergies. She also shared ways that people may be able to save money on their asthma and allergy medicines.

Reducing Risk of Peanut Allergy – A Review of New Guidelines (January 2017)
Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MBA, MSc and Carina Venter, PhD, RD discuss how to introduce peanut-containing foods to infants to reduce the risk of peanut allergy. They explain the new guidelines released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Both served on the NIH's expert panel, which worked to update these clinical guidelines to prevent peanut allergy.

Food Allergy Myths and Facts (October 2015)
David Stukus, MD, explains five myths and facts about food allergies. He discusses blood and skin tests, egg allergy and vaccinations, shellfish allergies and iodine, and the role of antihistamine and epinephrine in treating severe reactions.

Coping With Food Allergy Anxiety: Back to School and More (August 2015)
Dr. Gianine D. Rosenblum speaks about managing children’s anxiety related to food allergies. She zeroes in on the needs of specific age groups. She also describes coping strategies universal to any age. Dr. Rosenblum is a psychologist and a parent of a child with food allergies.

Oral Food Challenges: What to Expect (July 2015)
Irene Mikhail, MD, talks about oral food challenges (OFC). An OFC in a medical setting is the “gold standard” to determine if a food allergy exists (or not). Dr. Mikhail answers questions about OFCs, including: why and when to consider a food challenge; preparing for the food challenge; what to expect during a challenge; when is the right time to do an OFC; and more.

Can Food Allergies Be Prevented With Diet? (January 2015)
Todd Green, MD, covers diet recommendations during pregnancy and infancy. Topics include: avoiding certain foods during pregnancy and breastfeeding; how to know if an infant is at high risk of developing food allergies; how to introduce solids to a high-risk infant; what formulas are recommended for high-risk infants; and if food allergies can be prevented.

Food Allergy Testing (April 2014)
David Stukus, MD, reviews different types of food allergy tests and what they mean.

Asthma and Food Allergy: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management (October 2013)
David Stukus, MD, reviews the signs and symptoms of asthma and food allergy. He talks about the risks when a patient has both diseases. And he reviews how to tell if symptoms are asthma or anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.

Food Topics

Allergy-Friendly School Lunch Box Ideas (September 2015)
Registered dietitian Debra Indorato, RD, LDN, and blogger Keeley McGuire share creative, nutritious and inspirational lunch ideas. They give kid-friendly tips, such as using cookie cutters and building lunches around a theme.

Pantry Solutions Without Milk, Eggs, Soy, Wheat, Gluten or Nuts (June 2015)
Cookbook author Colette Martin shows how to create allergen-free replacements for common pantry items. She is the author of Learning to Bake Allergen-Free and The Allergy-Free Pantry.

Nutrition and the Child With Food Allergies (March 2015)
Dietitian Debra Indorato, RD, LDN, talks about how to find safe, nutritious alternatives if your child is on a restricted diet.

Nutrition and Food Safety for Students With Food Allergies (August 2013)
School nutrition expert, author and speaker Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, and Debra Indorato, RD, LDN, talk about current trends in school meals and food allergies. They discuss school meal regulations as well as the importance of building relationships with school food service directors.

Nutrition and Food Safety for Students With Food Allergies (With Video) (June 2013)
Cookbook author Colette Martin shares tips on baking the perfect cake without milk, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten and nuts.

Dining Out With Food Allergies (March 2013)
Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, discuss building confidence so you can eat out despite food allergies. They talk about how to find a restaurant and how to communicate with staff.

Baking Without Allergens (November 2012)
Cookbook author Colette Martin shares tips on using substitutes to bake without milk, eggs, soy, wheat, gluten and nuts.

Money Saving Ideas for Families With Food Allergy (June 2012)
Sarah Roe, known as the Money Saving Queen, teaches families with food allergies how to save money on grocery bills.

School and Camp Topics

Off to Summer Camp With Food Allergies (March 2015)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, and school and camp nurse Nancy Polmear-Swendris discuss how to pick a camp and what questions to ask. They also discuss how to store epinephrine at camp and basic food allergy management tips.

How Can the Food Allergy Management and Education (FAME) Toolkit Help Your Child and Your Child's School? (September 2014)
Kathleen McDarby, RN, MPH, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, show the Food Allergy Management and Education (FAME) Manual and Toolkit. FAME is a free resource for school nurses, teachers, administrators, parents and other school staff. St. Louis Children's Hospital created FAME to help prevent life-threatening food allergy reactions.

About Section 504 Plans for Students With Food Allergy (August 2014)
Laurel Francoeur, JD, answers questions about Section 504 Plans for school accommodations related to food allergy.

Back to School With Asthma and Food Allergies (July 2014)
David Stukus, MD, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, talk about preparing to send your child to school. They also discuss how your allergist can help with back-to-school planning.

Food Allergy School Health Plans: 504 versus IHCP (January 2014)
Laurel Francoeur, JD, presents different options available for school health plans for students with food allergies. She reviews federal laws and definitions and explains students' rights.

Are Your Schools Safe? Review of State Policies for Those With Asthma and Allergies (September 2013)
Charlotte Collins, JD, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, review state policies related to asthma, food allergies and environmental allergies. They show how you can use the State Honor Roll of Asthma and Allergy Policies for Schools to see how your state compares to others. The State Honor Roll is an annual report from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Nutrition and Food Safety for Students With Food Allergies (August 2013)
School nutrition expert, author and speaker Dayle Hayes, MS, RD, and Debra Indorato, RD. LDN, discuss school meal regulations for students with food allergies. They discuss current thinking about food allergies in schools. They also talk about the importance of establishing relationships with school food service directors and more.

Partnering With Your School Nurse for a Safe School Year (July 2013)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, and Sally Schoessler provide tips on how to work with your school nurse to keep your child safe at school. Schoessler is with the National Association of School Nurses.

Epinephrine in Schools: What You Need to Know (April 2013)
Charlotte Collins, JD, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, explain why access to epinephrine in schools is important for children at risk for severe allergic reactions. They present key issues surrounding stocking epinephrine in schools.

Food Allergy in School Part 1: What Parents Need to Know (July 2012)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, provides practical tips for managing food allergies in schools.

Food Allergy in School Part 2: Ask the Experts (August 2012)
A panel of six experts (allergists and school nurses) answer questions sent by the audience. Topics include: staff training; location of epinephrine auto-injectors at school; cafeteria concerns; partnering with your school nurse; and more.

Parenting and Lifestyle Topics

Current Topics in Food Allergy Law (December 2015)
The three attorneys from the legal blog Allergy Law Project share their perspective about the connection between the law and food allergies in areas such as places of public accommodation, restaurants and travel, and school.

Food Allergy Confidence During the Holidays (November 2015)
Sloane Miller, MFA, MSW, LMSW, discusses what we all need to know about communicating our non-negotiable medical needs to family and friends at the holidays.

Flying With Food Allergies (Video and Resources) (June 2014)
Matthew Greenhawt, MD, MBA, MSc, and Laurel Francoeur, JD, cover issues related to flying: legal restrictions; disability issues; TSA regulations; peanut dust and inhalation studies; and how to prevent allergic reactions on airplanes.

Parties, Playdates, and Babysitters (May 2013)
Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, and Sarah Boudreau-Romano, MD, answer questions on how a child with food allergies can attend a play date or party. They also discuss how a parent can train and use a babysitter.

Celebrating Birthdays With Food Allergies (February 2013)
Yael Weinstein, MA, inspires us with ways to celebrate birthdays despite food allergies. Dr. Megan Edison, a pediatrician and mother of children with food allergies, shares her tips as well.

Taking Food Allergies in Stride (January 2013)
Food allergy author Linda Coss talks about the emotional and social effects of food allergies and how you can raise a well-adjusted child.

Navigating the Holidays With Food Allergies (November 2012)
Two allergists share their own families' stories of dealing with food allergies during the holidays. Learn new strategies and tips about how to keep your children safe. Sarah Boudreau-Romano, MD, and Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, present.