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Here's How You Take Action for Kids With Food Allergies in May

Join Kids With Food Allergies (KFA) and get involved this May for Food Allergy Awareness Week and Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. KFA is a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Together, we have many interesting and exciting announcements to share, so check back as May approaches!

  1. Join our Kids With Food Allergies community to:
    • Follow our blog for the latest news on asthma and allergy research and treatments.
    • Meet and get support from others who manage asthma and allergic disease.
    • Get involved in research. Opt-in to get matched to clinical trials and other research opportunities.
  2. Make a pact to A.C.T. for Asthma or Allergy
    “A” - have an action plan for asthma or anaphylaxis.
    “C” - carry important medications and wear a medical ID to alert others of your condition.
    “T” - establish treatment plans, both for every day and emergencies.

  3. Join one of our awareness events – there are local and national events happening the entire month of May!

  4. Share our images on social media. Update your profile picture or cover image and share awareness messages.

  5. Tell school nurses, teachers and administrators about our Teal Classroom Kit and other resources for raising awareness about food allergies at school.

  6. Donate to AAFA's COVID-19 Relief Fund on behalf of someone you love with food allergies.

  7. Share our Newly Diagnosed section with a friend whose child was just diagnosed with a food allergy.
  8. Share your story with us: Tell the world what it is like to live with food allergies every day.

  9. Get support for yourself or a loved one. Connect with a support group or reach out to one of our local chapters.
  10. Host your own virtual event to raise awareness about living with asthma and allergies.
    • Go live on social media to tell your story.
    • Share tips on your Instagram story and tag us. We’ll share the best ones.
    • Hold a virtual fundraiser on Facebook


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