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Soda Pop Cake

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Category: Cakes
Recipe Created By: Heidi Pasternak


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1 can soda (diet or regular)
1 box cake mix, safe for your allergy set


Mix ingredients, pour into cupcake or cake pans. Bake at temperature on cake box.


Suggestions for cake/soda combinations include:
- Chocolate cake and cherry soda
- Spice cake and diet soda
- White cake mix with blue soda for blue cake
- Duncan Hines French Vanilla cake and A&W Vanilla Cream Soda

Cake is very moist.


Please verify that the cake mix is free of allergens that you need to avoid. Please verify that you are using a variety of soda pop that is safe for your allergies.

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Sharia Major 4/3/2018 9:50:53 PM

I have made the soda cake twice now. Once I used a can of ginger ale and a Betty Crocker spice cake. I made cupcake with it. Cupcakes were delicious, but they were very crumbly you could hardly get a bite of one because it went into smaller crumbles!
I was determined to try a different soda cake to see if it was maybe the cupcakes that were an issue.
The second cake I made, and it was a cake - Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake with a can of Diet Coke. The cake stuck to the pan in 2 spots, and i had greased to ensure it wouldn't. Once cake was cooled and iced - it crumbles like crazy upon icing. When I cut a slice it crumbles into pieces. The cake was delicious but it broke down into smaller and smaller crumbles so it was a mess to eat.
I have decided to try a different substitution going forward.

Kathy P - KFA Admin 4/25/2018 8:21:40 PM

Sorry the cake didn't work for you. Others have mentioned that it can be "delicate" and works best as cupcakes.

I hope you try some of the other recipes her like:
Wacky Cake -
Starlight Cake -

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