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Meg's Flourless Peanut-Free Cookies

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Recipe Information

Category: Cookies
# of Servings: 12
Recipe Created By: mom2rora



1 cup sugar
1 cup soy butter or SunButter®
1 egg or equivalent replacer (e.g. Ener-G)
1 splash vanilla


Combine ingredients (mix egg replacer according to the product instructions.) Drop onto cookie sheet and use a fork to flatten and make the traditional peanut butter cookie waffle pattern. (If you want to make them look different than peanut butter cookies, use a slotted spoon or other tool to make a unique pattern of your own.) May sprinkle with sugar before baking.

Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 °F. Cool completely before eating (they crumble when hot!)


I adapted these cookies from a recipe I saw on a cooking show. When I heard "flourless peanut butter cookies," I thought "Wow! This has allergy-friendly potential!" I was pleasantly surprised that they turned out well with egg replacer, too. A sweet, rich cookie!


If your allergy set permits, use 1 egg instead of the egg replacer.

Sunflower seed butter can be used in place of soy butter. Commercially available sunflower seed butter may contain soy. If avoiding soy, you can make your own Sunflower Seed Butter using safe sunflower seed kernels.

Egg Substitutions: There are many egg-free products and foods available to make your recipes free of eggs. Find out more about egg substitutions.

Peanut Substitutions: There are many peanut-free products available in the US. Find out more about peanut substitutions.

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