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Peach Gobbler

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Recipe Information

Category: Main Dishes
# of Servings: 2
Recipe Created By: Tre



2 turkey breast fillets
1 can or fresh peaches
1/4 cup water or juice from can
pinch cinnamon


Prep your frying pan with small amount of safe oil (we use olive oil) and heat on medium high. Defrost turkey breast fillets. Place water/juice in pan and once heated place turkey in pan and cover for 4-5 minutes. Uncover, put cinnamon on turkey, flip over, and re-cover for 2 minutes. Place peaches in pan, re-cover and check in 3-5 minutes depending on size of fillets!


DS loves this, and I liked it too. It's like dessert and dinner all in one! We also tried adding blueberries to the mix and he enjoyed this as well. I also let DS snack on the extra peaches while turkey is cooking.


You can use chicken as well I think. Haven't tried it but I'm sure it would work out.

To avoid corn, ensure that juice and canned peaches are corn-free, or use fresh peaches and water.

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