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How to Cook and Bake Free of Allergens

Learning how to bake and cook without typical foods like milk, egg and wheat may seem overwhelming at first. In many cases, you can easily and successfully use alternatives - we will show you how! Other times, it may be easier to find a new recipe. It all depends on the role of the allergen in the original recipe.  For instance, replacing three or more eggs in a recipe is tricky. If you need help, ask questions on our Food & Cooking Support Forum.

  • How to Replace Milk and Dairy Products

    There are many dairy-free alternatives available these days. From a wide variety of non-dairy milk beverages to pea-based cream cheeses, you can find milk-free replacements for dairy products. We review the possibilities and recommendations for milk-free foods.
  • How to Replace Eggs and Egg Products

    Did you know there are egg-free mayos? Or that you can replace an egg in a muffin recipe with applesauce, pureed sweet potatoes or a mashed banana? Learn how to bake and cook egg-free with our tips on egg substitutions.
  • How to Replace Wheat and Gluten

    There are many wheat-free and gluten-free companies that offer pastas, tortillas, flours and breads. But learning how to bake wheat-free and gluten-free takes time. Be sure to review our tips, and don't be afraid to keep trying new variations or methods.
  • How to Replace Soy

    Soy is a very common ingredient in American foods. It can be harder to avoid if you are also avoiding milk. However, there are options for milk-free and soy-free ingredients. We also show you how to replace typical soy foods like soy sauce and miso.
  • How to Replace Peanuts and Tree Nuts

    Did you know that you can roast certain beans to make nut replacements? Or that pretzels can be used to make a pecan-free pecan pie? Find these tips and others in our guide to cooking without nuts.
  • How to Avoid Corn and Corn Products

    Corn is one of the most common ingredients in foods. Learn about the different options for replacing corn starch, how to make your own baking powder and vanilla extract and more.