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"When my oldest was diagnosed with food allergies to milk, eggs and peanuts at the age of 15 months, I was sent home from the allergist's office with a prescription for epi pens and a warning to avoid all of those foods in his diet. The concept of it is simple, but in reality, there are so many little details that can only be discovered by living them day to day. KFA has been an invaluable resource for me over the years. My oldest is now almost 6 and has outgrown his egg and milk allergy and now has to avoid peanuts and tree nuts. I have two more children, one who has outgrown her only food allergy and one who has multiple severe allergies. KFA is a place I can go when I need a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen, an honest opinion, some been there done that experiences, recipes, and more. The resources and links are full of information to help anyone at any stage of their food allergy journey and the forums are priceless." —tristar