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Food Allergy Resources: Travel & Vacations

Travel & Vacations

Travel & Vacations

Planning a vacation? A night out camping? Sending your child to summer camp? Whatever your travel plans might entail, don’t depart until you’re armed with knowledge that will keep your food-allergic child safe. Follow these tips to ensure a safe—and fun—travel experience.

12 Summer Camp Planning Tips

Jill Tipograph, author of Your Everything Summer Guide & Planner, offers tips on how to ensure your child has a successful and safe summer camp experience.

Camping with Food Allergies Can Be Safe and Fun

Camping with food allergies can be safe and fun! Kids With Food Allergies offers you practical tips for planning a safe camping trip with your food allergic children.

On the Road with Food Allergies

These 7 tips will help you plan your next overnight road trip with food allergic kids.

Summer Camp Checklist for Kids with Food Allergies or Asthma

Before sending your food allergic or asthmatic child to a summer camp, follow these steps to ensure that your child stays safe and has fun.

Trouble-free Travel for Families with Food-allergic Children

With advance planning and preparation to manage food allergies away from home, traveling to a dream destination can become a dream come true.

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Page last updated 01/30/2011

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