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Food Allergy Resources:

Support Net

Support Net® e-Magazine

Each issue features interviews with food allergy specialists, stories about families just like yours, up-to-the-minute food allergy news and supportive information.

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Spring/Summer 2011 issue

Kitchen Competent
  • Kitchen Competent — Teaching your child essential skills to manage food allergies.
  • Giving it a "Tri" — Supporting a remarkable community.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Nicole, age 6, who manages food allergies beyond her years.

Fall/Winter 2010 issue

Epinephrine and the ER
  • Epinephrine and the ER — What to do when your child has an anaphylactic reaction.
  • Taking Control — Coping with the emotional side effects of treating your child with epinephrine.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet 8 year old Chris Conway, who takes a mature approach to food allergies.

Spring/Summer 2010 issue

Ties That Bind
  • Ties That Bind — The emotions that affect parents of food-allergic children and tools for coping with them.
  • Social Security — How to keep your food-allergic child from feeling left out.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Megan, age 3, whose active imagination helps her rise above her food allergies.

Fall/Winter 2009 issue

On Trial
  • Oh, Nuts! — Should your child avoid all nuts if allergic to peanuts? An interview with Scott Sicherer M.D. reveals a food allergy expert's view on this issue.
  • On Trial — Three parents share their experiences about their children participating in clinical trials.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Oliver, an imaginative 7-year-old who doesn't let his food allergies get in his way.

Spring/Summer 2009 issue

Money Saving Secrets
  • Hot Stuff! — Recent research shows some allergenic foods can be tolerable when heated. Find out what the latest studies are all about, and what this does —and doesn't mean— for your child right now.
  • Money-Saving Secrets from the Coupon Queen — Coupon Queen, Sarah Roe, tells how she turned to couponing to lower her grocery bills after her son was diagnosed with multiple food allergies.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Blake, age 5, who is so happy with the new foods he can eat after he passed some oral food challenges during a recent stay at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Fall 2008 issue

Back to School Issue
  • Take Steps to Ensure your Child has a Safe School Year — Educational rights advocate Ellie Goldberg, M.Ed., says school planning and partnering is the most effective way to keep your child safe.
  • Allergist ABC’s – An interview with pediatric allergist Mike Pistiner, M.D., reveals the role of a child's allergist in back-to-school planning.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Ruthie, age 4, whose multiple food allergies haven’t dampened her outgoing spirit one bit.

Spring 2008 issue

Anxiety, Food Allergic twins and Organization Tips
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet 6-year-old twins, and food allergy buddies, Audrey and Lillian.
  • Seeking a Solution — Mary Klinnert, Ph.D., a psychologist from National Jewish Medical Center, explains the normal levels of stress for a child—and when you should seek professional help.
  • 11 Ways to OrganizeTips to help you organize your home and keep your food-allergic child safe.

Winter 2007 issue

Holidays, Epinephrine, and more
  • Enjoying the holidays while dealing with the emotional challenges of a restricted diet — An excerpt from Why Can't I Eat That! Helping Kids Obey Medical Diets by John F. Taylor, Ph.D. and R. Sharon Latta.
  • A single life-saving shot of epinephrine — Hearing these words changed one mom's life.
  • KFA's Rising Star — Corrine, age 10, takes good care of her own food allergies—and helps care for her younger sibs' allergies, too.

Fall 2007 issue

School planning for food allergic children
  • KFA's Rising StarMeet 5-year-old Ian, an incredible boy with an incredible spirit.
  • Managing food allergies at school Allergy specialist Paul J. Hannaway, M.D., author of "On the Nature of Food Allergy," discloses tips for parents to keep food-allergic children safe at school.
  • Finding the right daycare or preschool for a food allergic childParent-tested strategies for finding a preschool that will keep your child safe and allow him or her to thrive.

Summer 2007 issue

enteral tubes, food allergy fears, alternative treatments for food allergies
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet Madeline, whose positive attitude helps her overcome food allergy fears.
  • Debunking Alternative Tests & Therapies Robert Wood, M.D., food allergy expert and author of Food Allergies for Dummies, shares his insights on alternative treatments and tests for food allergies.
  • Tips for Traveling with Food Allergies — Parent-tested strategies for making your trips away from home worry-free.
  • Tubey Monkeys — Some of our children with stomach tubes share stories about their new and special fuzzy friends.

Spring 2007 issue

Nutrition and food allergies
  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet funny little Jay, age 4.
  • The Rise in Childhood Allergies — Facts and theories regarding the startling rise in childhood allergies—and it impacts children and their families.
  • Is Your Dietitian the Right Fit? — Deb Indorato, RD, LDN, member of KFA's Medical Advisory Team, explains how to find a dietitian who specializes in food allergies.

Winter 2006 issue

  • KFA's Rising Star — Meet a budding herpetologist.
  • Raising a well-adjusted child — Linda Coss, author of two books on food allergy, shares advice on how to raise a child who happens to have food allergies.
  • Holidays on an elimination diet — Breastfeeding a child with food allergies can be especially challenging around the holiday season.
  • Tips for surviving the holidays – Ideas that have worked for KFA families.

Fall 2006 issue

  • Rising Star – A future scientist shoots for the stars.
  • School Planning Key for Allergic Kids — The process may not be easy or stress-free, but planning prepared one family for any possible difficulty.
  • Halloween Can Be a Witches’ Brew— Plan ahead to keep your allergic little pumpkin safe from scary stuff.
  • A Teacher's perspective – One educator finds that open communication is key to keeping kids safe.

Summer 2006 issue

  • Anxious About Food Allergies? You're Not AloneMore than 11 million people suffer from food allergies.
  • KFA's Rising StarMeet a true star on ice.
  • Parents Making a Difference: The Food Allergy Project – The Food Allergy Project calls on the federal government to increase the desperately-required funding for millions of American children.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

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We improve the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies
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