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Food Allergy Resources: School & Preschool

School & Preschool

No matter if it's daycare or college, sending your child off to school is tough for any parent — especially those with food-allergic children. From creating a Section 504 Plan to communicating early on with teachers and school nurses, planning is essential. KFA provides you with the resources your child needs to guarantee a successful (and safe) school year.

10 Tips for Getting your Child Off to a New School Safely

Advance planning and a positive relationship are the keys to success in sending your child off to a new school. Follow these tips for success to ensure a smooth transition.

Back to School Basics

You must check off your own back to school list—one that involves obtaining a letter from your child's pediatrician or allergist; contacting and meeting with the principal, school nurse and teacher; and creating a school health plan—well before your child's first day at school.

FAQ: How Can an Allergist Help with School Plans for Your Child with Food Allergies?

Before they hit the books, make sure your food allergic children are adequately prepared for school this fall by setting up a meeting with their allergist. KFA spoke with pediatric allergist Michael Pistiner, MD about the role of an allergist in back to school preparation.

Finding the Right Daycare or Preschool for Your Food-allergic Child

Follow these tips when evaluating potential caregivers for your food-allergic child.

Food Allergy School Discussion Guide

This guide provides topics to discuss with school personnel regarding your child's food allergies.

How to Foster a Good Relationship with Your Child's School

Ten tips to ensure a healthy partnership between your child and his school.

Is Your School Food Allergy Smart™?

Easy-to-implement guidelines so every school can become FoodAllergy Smart™.

Managing Food Allergies at School

Learn how to ease the transition from home to a daycare or school setting.

Pennsylvania Guidelines for the Management of Food Allergies in Schools

KFA assisted with the development of these school guidelines for managing food allergies in the state of Pennsylvania.

Potential Food Allergens in Preschool and School Activities

Allergens don't always hide in the cafeteria—food used in lesson plans may need to be substituted too.

Preparing Food-allergic Children for School: a Teacher's Perspective

One teacher shares how she worked together with parents of food-allergic students to plan the school year.

Preparing Your Food-allergic Teenager for College

A food-allergic teenager discloses how she planned for college. Her advice: prepare early!

Recommended School Training: How to CARE for Kids with Food Allergies

Teachers and staff who supervise food-allergic students should receive training on food allergy basics, avoiding allergens, recognizing a reaction and enacting an emergency plan.

Safe@School™ with Food Allergies: Back to School Guide for Parents

This guide offers an overview of how to get started with the school planning process.

Sample Section 504 Plans for Managing Food Allergies

A Section 504 Plan provides guidelines for changes in the classroom and other locations to provide a safe education. See samples here!

School Planning Key for Allergic Kids (A Personal Story)

A mother of a food-allergic child tells how planning and communicating with the school led to success.

School Spotlight: Inly School in Massachusetts Raises the Bar

Inly is a ground-breaking and successful example of a school that properly accommodates, cares for and protects students with food allergies.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

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