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Food Allergy Resources: Product Safety & Labeling

Product Safety & Labeling

Product Safety & Labeling

Food allergens aren't constrained to common foods. Household creams, cosmetics, shampoos — even pet food — can contain unsafe ingredients. By learning to properly read labels — and teaching your food-allergic child to do the same — you will minimize your child's risk of an allergic reaction.

Careful Label Reading for Food Allergens

Learning how to read ingredient labels is an essential skill for parents of children with food allergies. Remember these tips the next time you shop.

Check Your Cosmetics and Personal Care Items for Food Allergens

Ingredients derived from food allergens are frequently added to creams, cosmetics, hair care products and more. Make sure your child's allergens aren't hiding in that bottle of shampoo or diaper cream.

Cross Contamination of Foods with Allergenic Ingredients

Minimize your child's risk of an allergic reaction by eliminating cross contamination in your home.

FAQ About the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)

The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) was passed by Congress to ensure clear labeling of food. Read the Act's most frequently asked questions here.

Foods Labeled "Nondairy" May Contain Milk Protein

Current U.S. food labeling regulations allow for an item to be labeled as "nondairy" on the package even if it has casein in it — a milk protein.

Is Your Food Really Allergy Safe?

Learn what extra steps you must take to make sure a product is safe for your food-allergic child.

Kosher Labeling and Milk or Dairy Allergy

Parents should not rely on Kosher labeling alone to determine if a product is safe for their food-allergic child. Find out why.

Natural Flavoring Can Contain Food Allergens

Natural flavoring, a catchall term used on food labels, merits special scrutiny for those of us reading labels for a food-allergic child.

Pet Food Allergy Alert!

Don't forget about Fido's food! Pay special attention to any pet food, toys or treats you may have at home, as they might contain your child's food allergens too.

Reporting an Allergic Reaction to Foods or Drugs

You can play an important public health role by reporting to the FDA any adverse reactions to products the agency regulates.

Unexpected Allergenic Food Ingredients in Non-food Items

Become familiar with this list of non-food household items that are also potential sources of allergens.

What Does Kosher for Passover Mean for Food Allergies?

For some families managing restricted diets, Kosher for Passover foods can offer food options not available during other times of the year.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

Page last updated 01/30/2011

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