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Food Allergy Resources: Medication & Pharmacy

Medication & Pharmacy

Inactive versus active ingredients, generic or brand-name — there's a lot to consider before giving your food-allergic child medicine.

Could Sublingual Immunotherapy Be Used to Treat Food Allergies?

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) is a new treatment method using tiny doses of food placed under the tongue under physician supervision.

Egg Allergy Is No Longer a Contraindication for Flu Shot Vaccine (2012 Update)

The CDC no longer considers egg allergy a contraindication to receiving an influenza vaccine. This is based on several research studies which have shown injectible flu vaccines are safe for children with egg allergy.

How Food Ingredients in Vaccines Impact Food-Allergic Children

Do vaccines contain food allergens? Read this vaccine safety review and find out.

Ingredient Differences Between Generic and Brand Name Drugs

Inactive ingredients in medications may differ based on the manufacturer, which could pose a risk to your food-allergic child.

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Page last updated 01/30/2011

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