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Food Allergy Resources: Holidays


Just because holidays typically incorporate food doesn't mean your food-allergic child should shy away from celebrating. Here, KFA supplies you with the information needed to keep your children safe from allergic reactions during holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Holidays Pose Extra Risks for Those with Food Allergies

It's important to be aware and on the lookout for the presence of allergens on holiday displays, decorations and traditions.

Free Guides to Celebrating Holidays with Food Allergies

Holiday booklets from KFA take the focus away from food during the holidays. These booklets are filled with allergy-safe activities, crafts and recipes for Valentine's Day, Easter, Passover, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas.

Celebrating Valentine's Day Safely with Food Allergies

KFA offers 10 food allergy-safe activities for Valentine's Day.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Food Allergies at School

Find out how to make Valentine's Day safe for everyone at school!

Safe Recipes to Celebrate Valentine's Day with Food Allergies

Four allergy-free recipes to make Valentine's Day safe and fun for everyone.

Celebrating Easter Safely with Food Allergic Children

Celebrate Easter safely with new traditions for your family! This free booklet is filled with allergy-friendly ideas and tips to get you started.

Easter Egg Decorating for Children with an Egg Allergy

Instead of using real eggs and egg cartons from the grocery store, try these six fun alternative activities for egg-allergic children.

Food Allergy Safe Easter Baskets

30 peanut-free, egg-free and milk-free items to fill your food-allergic child's Easter basket.

Celebrating Passover when Your Child Has Food Allergies

Some aspects of parenting a food-allergic child leave you with no control over the situation. This brochure is meant to help you have a fun and spiritually-fulfilling Passover.

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats for Children with Food Allergies

Learn to make Halloween treats that are allergy-friendly for your food-allergic child.

Plan Ahead to Keep Your Allergic Little Pumpkin Safe from Scary Stuff at Halloween

The scary parts of Halloween are supposed to involve ghosts and witches, not the candy!

Safely Celebrating Halloween When Your Child Has Food Allergies

KFA offers tips for dealing with Halloween parties at school and home.

Trick-or-treating Safety for Children with Food Allergies

12 Halloween tips to take the trick out of treats when your child has food allergies!

Celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday when Your Child Has Food Allergies

There's no escaping food on Thanksgiving. Or is there? Try these different approaches to keep your food allergic child safe.

Celebrating the Holidays While Breastfeeding a Food-allergic Child

Breastfeeding a child with food allergies can be especially challenging around the holiday season. Learn how to maintain an eating plan and enjoy food at the same time.

How to Enjoy the Holidays on an Allergy-restricted Diet

A holiday celebration doesn't give license to test or stretch dietary limits. Learn how your child can avoid the temptation to eat off-limits food.

Taking Care of Your Family During the Holidays when Your Child Has Food Allergies

In all of the hustle and bustle at this time of year, do not let your guard down regarding safety.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

Page last updated 01/30/2011

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