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Food Allergy Resources:

Support Net

Free Food Allergy Guides to Download, Save and Print

KFA has published several printable guides to help families manage food allergies. These guides are free for you to download, save and print. Feel free to share these guides with your local food allergy support group, family, friends and physicians.

These guides require a PDF Reader Adobe Reader

NEW! Food Allergy Babysitter Form Food Allergy Babysitter and Child Care Drop-Off Form

Download, print and use this form created for you as a collaborative effort of Kids With Food Allergies Foundation and, written by Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, edited by John Lee, MD. Created to help teach friends, family, babysitters and others responsible for the care of children with food allergies.

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation Brochures

Download PDF Do you know someone with food allergies? Share our free brochures with your family, friends, allergy refer them to KFA for information, support, recipes and news updates.

Download the brochure to print and share instantly with the food allergy patients in your life.

These brochures also contain 15 tips to managing a food allergy lifestyle.

Practical Food Allergy Management: A Quick Guide

Food Allergy Guide This free guide contains essential information for parenting a food-allergic child, including how to apply prevention and preparedness to managing food allergies.

MUST HAVE! KFA's Starter Guide to Parenting a Child with a Food Allergy

On Trial This free 47-page e-book is filled with essential information for parenting a food-allergic child, including:
  • Understanding Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Nutrition Information and Dietary Concerns
  • Grocery Shopping and Label Reading
  • And much more!

Food Allergens and Hidden Names

Allergens may be lurking in labels under unfamiliar names. Would you know to search for “Lysozyme” if your child is allergic to eggs? Or “Arachis” if your child is allergic to peanuts? Refer to KFA's avoidance lists when shopping for your food-allergic child. Hidden Names for Allergens

Celebrating Holidays with Food Allergies

Holidays that revolve around food can truly be challenges for families raising children with food allergies. These free guides are available from Kids With Food Allergies to help you take the focus away from food during the holidays:Holidays with Food Allergies

Nut Allergy, Clinical Trials and more Support Net™ e-Magazine

Each issue features interviews with food allergy specialists, stories about families just like yours, up-to-the-minute food allergy news and supportive information.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

Page last updated 01/30/2011

We improve the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies
and empower them to create a safe and healthy future for their children.

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