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Food Allergy Resources: Food & Cooking

Food & Cooking

Want to make home-cooked meals for your food-allergic family, but don't know where to begin? Look no further! Read KFA's tips and tricks to gain confidence in your kitchen and create mouth-watering cuisine that's safe for the whole family.

Avoiding Cross-contamination in Your Home

If you choose to allow allergenic foods in your house, these foods may "contaminate" your home and your non-allergenic foods. Here are 8 tips to help you avoid allergic reactions.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Food Allergies (Overview)

A basic guide to allergy-free cooking. How to substitute ingredients for wheat allergy, soy allergy, milk allergy, corn allergy, egg allergy and more.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Corn Allergy

Need to cook without corn? This general guide lists ingredient substitutions to make recipes corn-free.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Egg Allergy

This cooking and baking guide for egg allergy explains the difference between egg replacements and egg substitutes, how to replace eggs used as binders or leavening agents, how to replace egg white glaze and provides a list of featured egg-free recipes.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Milk Allergy

Avoiding milk? This guide will help you substitute milk and dairy ingredients to make recipes safe for milk allergy.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Soy Allergy

Cooking for a soy-allergic child doesn't have to be daunting. Find out what to use in place of soy oil, soy margarines, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and soybean paste.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Thickeners

Learn the advantages and disadvantages to using ingredient substitutions for thickeners.

Basic Recipe Substitutions for Wheat Allergy

Need help with wheat-free cooking and baking? This guide will help with wheat substitutes for baking and general tips for wheat-free cooking.

Food Preparation & Organization Strategies for Food Allergy Cooks

Preparing three meals a day, seven days a week can be overwhelming. Here are some organizational strategies that can help you cope.

Food and Cooking Glossary for Food Allergy Cooks

A glossary of food and cooking terms just for you — the food allergy cook!

Healthy and Allergy-friendly Snacks for Kids

Family schedules can get very hectic during the school year, so it is important to have fast, easy and healthy snacks for our children. Included you will find a wide selection of allergy-friendly, yet nutritious, snacks for your food-allergic child.

Is Hydrogenated Oil or Fat Allergenic?

Are hydrogenated oils — oils that have been chemically transformed from their normal liquid state into solids — allergenic?

Menu Planning for the Food Allergy Cook

Why should you plan allergy-free meals for your whole family?

Food Allergy Cooking Basics

Cooking "from scratch" is the safest way to ensure that your child eats a healthy, balanced, and safe diet. So where do you start? Well, learning to cook allergy-free is as simple as 1-2-3!

Recipe Conversion Calculators and Charts

Learn to convert a recipe from one measurement system to another; increase or decrease a recipe; or cook measurement equivalents.

Essential Equipment for Your Food Allergy Kitchen

Find out what kitchen equipment you need to cook allergy-safe meals.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

Page last updated 01/30/2011

We improve the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies
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