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Food Allergy Resources: Basics


Everything you need to keep your food-allergic child safe is right here! Learn how to: help prevent food allergies, ask your pediatric allergist the right questions, keep allergies under control, reduce your child's food-allergy risks and more! KFA provides the latest statistics and facts about food allergies

AAP Updates Diet Recommendations for Mothers and Children

In 2008, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued new feeding guidelines addressing allergy prevention that reversed prior recommendations from 2000.

Allergic Reaction or Anaphylaxis: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction or the signs of anaphylaxis and how should it be treated?

Food Allergy Facts: Severe Food Allergies Can Be Life-threatening

Although most food allergies cause relatively mild symptoms, some food allergies can cause severe reactions, and may even be life-threatening.

Food Allergy Trends Among U.S. Children

The CDC reports that three million U.S. children have food allergies, with children under five having the highest rates. Other food allergy statistics are also included in this report.

Formula Options for Infants with Food Allergies

If breastfeeding isn't an option, what formula should you introduce to your allergic baby? Here is a list of different types of formula available to you.

Is Your Dietitian the Right Fit?

Just like doctors, dietitians have specialties as well. Find out how to find a dietitian who specializes in food allergy or pediatric nutrition.

Is Your Food-Allergic Child's Diet Nutritionally Balanced?

When you have to eliminate foods from your child's diet, important nutrients for growth and development can be neglected.

KFA's Medical Advisory Team Explains the New NIAID Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Food Allergy

An explanation for parents of up-to-date allergy advice including diagnosis, management and prevention of food allergy.

Peanut Allergy: Do You Have to Avoid Tree Nuts, Too?

Should your child avoid tree nuts if he has a peanut allergy...or peanuts if he is allergic to tree nuts? The answer might surprise you.

The Rise in Childhood Food Allergies

The facts about the rise of food allergies in children and related atopic disorders such as asthma and eczema and how these disorders can lead to stress and isolation.

What Questions Should I Ask an Allergist on an Initial Visit?

On your first visit to an allergist, there are many questions that both you and your doctor will want to ask of one another.

What is a Pediatric Allergist?

What makes a doctor most qualified to care for your food-allergic children?

What to Do if My Child Has an Allergic Reaction? (VIDEO)

Watch this video to learn what to do if your child has an allergic reaction.

If you have additional questions, you are welcome to become a member and connect with our volunteers and other members on our online support forums who can be of additional help.

Page last updated 01/30/2011

We improve the day-to-day lives of families raising children with food allergies
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