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Celebrating Valentine's Day with Food Allergies at School

January 2008

7 Tips to Make Valentine's Day Safe and Fun for Everyone at School!

Valentine's Heart 1. Speak to the teacher beforehand and remind him or her of your child's food allergies.

2. Ask that the teacher request no food be put in the cards. If food will be allowed in cards, provide the teacher with a list to send home so other parents know what is safe to put in your child’s Valentine’s cards.

3. Encourage the use of non-candy gifts for Valentine's Day cards such as:

◊ Handmade paper flowers or hearts (see Activities)
◊ Little toys from the dollar store or a party store
◊ Stickers

4. If food will be placed in the cards, request that the teacher ask that no students be allowed to open their cards until they are home.

5. Volunteer to help out with the party if there is one and offer to be in charge of snacks for the party.

6. Bring in a special safe snack for your child.

7. Double-check your child's cards and gifts before bringing them home.

On Valentine's Day, children receive a lot of candy. Make sure you check all of the candy before your children eat it. Many of the Valentine's candies are not processed in the same facilities as the regular candy, and also may not have an ingredient label. Children also receive unwrapped candy in their cards. If you cannot verify the ingredients, do not allow your child to eat the candy. Instead, exchange the candy with something safe that you have made or purchased.

This article is from the fourth booklet in a series for celebrating holidays with food allergies. For more information, tips and ideas, download the entire booklet:
Celebrating Valentines Day with Food Allergies PDF Reader

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