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Pet Food Allergy Alert!

February, 2006

Did you know that pet food ingredients might include your child's allergens?

Shrimp in fish food flakes, eggs in the cat's kibble, casein in bone treats, peanut butter inside the family dog's latex rubber chew toy? Yes! Allergens are commonly found in pet food and treats.

Children can come into contact with a pet's food either from contact with the pet, from a pet licking a child, or from handling the food itself.

Be sure to read ingredient labels on pet food, treats and chew toys to make sure they are safe in case your child comes in contact with them. Also look for voluntary warnings on pet food packaging: some products will contain advisory statements indicating that the product is made on equipment or in facilities that produce other products containing peanuts or tree nuts.

Pets can have food allergies, too, so it is possible to find "hypoallergenic" products available for pets that may also be free of your child's allergens as well.

Reviewed by KFA Medical Advisory Team April 2005.

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