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Vigilantly Watch Your Young Food-allergic Child at Parties

December 2005

By Linda Marienhoff Coss

Even if you have asked the other adults at a party not to feed anything to your child, do not assume that they will follow your instructions – or that every adult present at the party heard your instructions. In a party situation, you must vigilantly watch over your young food-allergic child.

If you are not available to keep a constant vigilant watch over your young child throughout a party, be sure that a designated, trusted adult has taken this responsibility. Make sure that this person knows where the emergency medication is and has been trained in the procedures to follow in case your child has an allergic reaction. If you take your young food-allergic child to a party, someone needs to stay at his side throughout the event.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for your child’s safety. Do not expect the host/hostess or other guests to assume this responsibility for you.

Copyright (c) 2004, Linda Marienhoff Coss, all rights reserved.
Excerpted with permission from "How to Manage Your Child's Life-Threatening Food Allergies: Practical Tips for Everyday Life" by Linda Marienhoff Coss.

More information about this book can be found in Kids With Food Allergies' Allergy Book Shop.

Reviewed by KFA Medical Advisory Team August 2005.

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