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Food Allergy Safe Easter Baskets

March 2009

30 Peanut-Free, Egg-Free and Milk-Free Items for Filling Easter Baskets

Instead of using milk chocolate, real eggs and other items that present allergy hazards, try filling an Easter basket with non-food items such as:

Easter crafts
  • Wooden, plaster, plastic or Styrofoam® eggs
  • Easter themed stuffed animals
  • Small action figures, dolls or animal figurines
  • Jewelry, sunglasses, hats and hair items
  • Key chains, toy cars or other collectibles
  • Stickers, stamps, markers, paints, coloring books and craft items
  • "Bunny Money" redeemable for something of their choice
  • Gift cards, coins or dollars
Easter crafts
  • Bubbles or sidewalk chalk
  • Flower seeds to plant outdoors
  • Balls, pails and shovels or other outdoor toys
  • Pool or bath toys
  • Pails and shovels
  • Books, videos or DVDs
  • A children's Bible
  • Other Easter-themed goodies

chocolate bunnies
Some candy companies now make allergy-friendly Easter candies and Easter baskets including Vermont Nut Free, Indie Candy, Surf Sweets, Divvies, and Premium Chocolatiers. As always, verify allergen statements with each company to make sure any candy is safe for your child's unique allergy issues.

This article first appeared in the "Celebrating Easter with Food Allergies" booklet published in 2008, which has been updated in March 2009 and March 2013.

Download full booklet: KFA Celebrates Easter (PDF requires Adobe Reader PDF Reader)

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