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Easter Egg Decorating for Children with an Egg Allergy

March 2008

Six Egg Decorating Activities for Children with an Egg Allergy

Instead of using real eggs and egg cartons from the grocery store, try these fun alternative activities:

Easter egg alternatives

1. Wood Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Carve designs in them
  • Cover them with beads like traditional

2. Romanian eggs

  • Coat eggs with chalkboard paint and use chalk to draw designs

3. Plastic Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Decorate with stickers

4. Styrofoam® Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Decorate with tissue paper or wrapping paper that has been dipped in a glue/water solution and cover with Mod Podge®
  • Decorate with glitter

5. Plaster Eggs

  • Make “plaster eggs” by using gauze available from a medical supply store. Blow up a water balloon and cut the plaster casting into strips. Dip the plaster casting into water and put on the balloon. Let dry for a few hours. (Note: this activity would not be safe for a child with a latex allergy)
  • Decorate with string dipped in to a glue/water solution to stick and after it dries, use paint or gold foil to emboss.

6. Ceramic Eggs

  • Dyeable ceramic eggs are now available at

  • Tip: Place wood, plastic, Styrofoam® or plaster eggs in new egg cartons from

    This article first appeared in the "Celebrating Easter with Food Allergies" booklet published in 2008, which has been updated in March 2009.

    Download full booklet: KFA Celebrates Easter (PDF requires Adobe Reader PDF Reader)

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