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Recipe Database Search Tips

How to use the fields on the search recipe page:

Keyword: Searches title, person who entered the recipe, and ingredients and comments on all recipes.

Category: Select the option that best describes the recipe you are searching for. Using the category filter can help tailor your results.

Exclude Words: Type in words in this field that you would like to exclude from your search. Use commas to separate keywords if you want to look for recipes that exclude EITHER keyword.

For example, "chicken beef" will exclude all recipes that contain both chicken AND beef; but "chicken, beef" will exclude all recipes that contain either chicken or beef.

The search will only exclude exact matches for your keywords. If you exclude the word "meat", it will only display recipes that do not contain the word meat, but the recipes could still contain beef, chicken, etc.

Show only recipes that are free of: By checking these boxes you restrict the results to only recipes that are free of the allergens you have selected.

*Due to limitations in our search, avoid selecting free of "other". We will be updating this soon.

Search tips:

AND: Use the word and, the plus sign or the & to connect your keywords and narrow your search. For example: "chocolate and cake" or "chocolate & cake" or "chocolate + cake" will give you less results to browse than "chocolate cake"

PERCENT SIGN %: Use the % sign to widen your search. For example:
- appl% would match apple, application, etc.
- Pumpkin % muffins would match Pumpkin or muffins

Recipe Help

If you have any questions or comments about any of the recipes in Safe Eats, click on "have a question about this recipe" on the recipe's page. This will lead you to discuss the recipe with our Food & Cooking Support Team and other fellow members on our Food & Cooking Support Forums. They can help you alter a recipe to make it allergy-free for your child's needs. Registration is free!

Some notes of caution:
  1. These recipes have been donated by our members and have not been tested in a test kitchen, therefore we can't guarantee the results.
  2. Safety of ingredients is important. As we all know the same product manufactured in different plants at different parts of the country may not contain the same ingredients.
  3. For the "free of" categorization, you should not make any assumptions as to the safety of an ingredient that is included in any of these recipes. It will be up to you to do your own research to make sure that each ingredient in these recipes is indeed safe for your child's unique allergy issues.
  4. Use of the database indicates the user's agreement with our terms of service.

Copyright Policy: Copyright © 2005-2014, Kids With Food Allergies. All rights reserved.

Recipes are shared for your personal use only.

You are welcome to enjoy these recipes and share links to our recipes, but please don't reprint, electronically reproduce, repost or redistribute recipes elsewhere without obtaining permission. For more information, see our terms of service.


Page last updated 01/06/2014