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Photos of food allergy-free recipes

These are some of the recent entries in our "allergy-free" KFA cooking competitions.

upcoming events

Currently there are no upcoming recipe competition events.

Safe Eats ™   Allergy-Free Recipe Competition

KFA Iron Chef Competition

What is Iron Chef KFA?
This is a fun competition modeled after the popular Iron Chef and Iron Chef America television programs on Food Network. This is a food allergy version where instead of having a secret ingredient as the theme, there will be a Battle Theme and "Secret Without" restrictions.

The Food Network asks America, "How Do YOU Iron Chef?" And we'd like to show them how Parents Of Food Allergic Kids do it!

Who can participate?
This competition is open to Family Members only. All Family Members are eligible to be a recipe Challenger or Judge.

How does it work?

  • Each Battle will have an overall Theme and "Secret Without" ingredient(s) which will be determined by the KFA Iron Chef administrators. Challengers can choose to omit additional allergens.
  • Battles are announced on the Iron Chef KFA Competition Forum (found in our Food & Cooking Support Forums for Family members), and the games last 4 weeks. The administrators will post the Theme and "Secret Without" ingredient(s) and any additional restrictions.
  • Challengers then have 10 days to create their recipes and submit them along with a photo of their plated dish. The administrators will then review all recipes for accuracy, create the polls used for voting, and make the recipes available for the judges. All recipes will "go live" at the same time. All recipes will be anonymous until after the judging is closed.
  • The Judges will then have 2 weeks to make and vote on the recipes. All Family Members and Volunteers (not on the administration team) are welcome to judge recipes. Recipes will be judged on taste, appearance and plating, ease of preparation, and how well they fit the Theme and Secret Without ingredients.
  • After the judging is closed, the votes will be tallied by the contest administrators and a winner will be declared.

What does the winner receive?
Kids With Food Allergies Recipe Contest WinnerBragging rights! The winner will receive this customized avatar under their username on the POFAK ™ Support Forums which identifies them as a "KFA Iron Chef". Additionally, Kids With Food Allergies, Inc. will mail the winner their choice of KFA logo item.

Where can I find past battle recipes?
The Safe Eats™ Recipe database now displays an "KFA Iron Chef Recipes" category. All contest recipes are now archived in that category. Photos and recipe descriptions can be found in the Iron Chef KFA Support Forum.

Winning recipes include:
  • Valentine's Desserts and Candies: Black Forest Brownie Torte
  • Lunchbox: [Tie] Rainbow Scoops and Chicken Unsalad Sandwich
  • Spring Brunch: Gluten-free Cinnamon Rolls
  • Tailgating Snacks: Asian Fusion Sausage Rolls
  • Apple: Old Fashioned Apple Filled Donuts
  • Pumpkin: Coconut Curry Soup

Recipe Showdown Fundraiser

What is a Recipe Showdown?
KFA invites you to participate in a recipe competition with a twist from our past "KFA Iron Chef" competitions. Previous competitions have been modeled after the Iron Chef television show on the Food Network. KFA Iron Chef competitions have challenged competitors to create a delicious recipe that adheres to a secret theme and "without" certain allergens.

A Recipe Showdown update the competition as a special, national fundraising event. Here is how it works:

First: Members will create and submit original recipes for the competition.

Next: Following recipe submissions, KFA supporters host house parties to prepare and vote on the recipes and collect donations for KFA. House parties are a fun way to raise awareness about what it's like to live with food allergies while supporting Kids With Food Allergies, a tax-exempt nonprofit charity!

  • Interested participants create original recipes and submit recipes for the competition
  • KFA supporters agree to host a House Party
  • Hosts prepare recipes in their kitchens for the party
  • Party guests judge each recipe using a scorecard
  • Party guests are encouraged make a donation in order to participate in the judging and voting of the recipes
  • Party Host submits the scorecards and donations to Kids With Food Allergies
  • All scorecards are tallied and the winning recipe is announced

Showdown for the KFA Summer 2008 Fundraiser

BBQ parties for food allergy families Showdown Theme: Grillin' & Chillin'

Summer is here and the grillin' is easy! Whether it's a family BBQ or a weeknight meal, grilling is a summer tradition. Somehow food just tastes better when it's cooked outside! Grilling can be used to create nearly any course of a meal from appetizers to desserts. But it wouldn't be a party if there wasn't some chillin' as well. To escape the heat, there's nothing like a cold, refreshing drink or dessert.

Secret "Withouts": Dairy/Milk, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish

Winning Recipe:
  • Grillin & Chillin: California Caviar Bruschetta

How You Can Get Involved

You can get involved in this national event as a Recipe Challenger, a Party Host, or both!

Page last updated 12/30/2008

KFA is a national nonprofit food allergy organization dedicated to fostering optimal health, nutrition,
and well-being of children with food allergies by providing education and a caring
support community for their families and caregivers.

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