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Your Support Helps KFA Educate Families, Caregivers and the Community

Thanks to the support of donors like you, KFA is making it easier than ever to raise awareness among friends, family and the community at large. Knowing how hard it can be to explain the seriousness of allergic reactions, dispel misconceptions and teach the proper response to anaphylaxis, KFA is continuously developing resources to help.

With your support, KFA has also been developing educational resources that are easier to read and minimize medical jargon, so that people at all literacy levels can better understand them. KFA also maintains an extensive online recipe database to help people prepare safe meals; sends notifications of recalls when a food contains an undisclosed allergen; provides an allergy buyers’ guide to help people find makers of allergen-free foods; and so much more.

Thanks to your generosity, all of these resources are available at no charge. KFA couldn’t do it without you.

All donors receive our quarterly donor newsletter to illustrate how your donations continue to impact families of children with food allergies.