“When my son was diagnosed with food allergies, I was at a loss not knowing what exactly I was supposed to do to keep him healthy. I was searching the web and found KFA and immediately knew what a valuable resource I stumbled into. I have learned so much through this organization and am so thankful to have found them. ” -Michelea

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Dear Friend,Emergencies: Being Prepared Isn't Enough
"I hope I don't die before my birthday!"

What horrifying words for a mother to hear. The situation was beyond frightening. But, thanks to your help, Daniel celebrated that birthday and will celebrate many more.

I am writing today to show you the impact your donation to Kids With Food Allergies Foundation (KFA) makes in the lives of families. Here's the story as Daniel's mother tells it:

“My 9-year old son said ‘I hope I don't die before my birthday!’ during his last anaphylactic reaction.

We are VERY careful with Daniel's milk allergy. It just happened to be a crazy morning and my teenage daughter made a mistake and he ended up with milk in his cereal. As soon as I saw Daniel, I knew. His lips were huge and he kept telling me his throat was sore which I knew meant it was closing. My husband tried to comfort my teenage daughter. Meanwhile, I was giving Daniel his EpiPen and getting ready for the medics to arrive.”

I know, like me, you understand how difficult it was for this family to be able to think clearly. It is because of donors like you that we are able to teach families to prevent emergencies and what to do should one occur. This education would not be possible without your generous help.

“I was able to remain calm, which helped all of us, especially my teenage daughter. If I had reacted more emotionally, she would have felt more guilt than she already did.

If the medics hadn't been able to get him to the hospital so quickly, I don't know if Daniel would have made it. The allergic reaction was FAST. I was terrified to see it progress so rapidly.

Daniel was so encouraging and loving towards his sister. He held her hand in the ER. Later, when he called home from the hospital, he told her over and over again that it was not her fault.”

I'm sure you'll agree how important it is for KFA to teach families to keep an epinephrine auto-injector with them at all times for anaphylaxis and to ALWAYS call 911. Families need to know that even if they think everything is under control, allergic reactions are unpredictable. Your donation saves lives.

“I desperately want a cure for food allergies. But until we have a cure, all families need to understand how to handle emergencies like the one we had. My teenage daughter is beginning to understand that we're all human and we can make mistakes.

Now my daughter does all she can to keep Daniel safe. She is the one who is always sure we have Daniel's supplies when we head out the door. Because we know that no matter how careful we are, our knowledge and preparation is what will prevent an emergency. We find ourselves to be very knowledgeable...thanks greatly to KFA.”

Daniel's story is heart-wrenching. There are so many stories of families dealing with anaphylaxis, a life-threatening emergency. Can I rely on your help to ensure families have the education to do what needs to be done in an emergency?

Please give generously so that someday, all families will be as prepared to handle emergencies and know how to keep their child with food allergies safe and healthy. Until a cure is found, we provide the practical support that gets families through each day.

Any gift you give will save lives. We thank you on behalf of all the families we serve.

Kind Regards,

Lynda Mitchell