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Fun & Easy Fundraisers for Kids With Food Allergies

Support a cause dedicated to helping children with food allergies and their families! Each option below features a ready-made fundraising program that makes supporting KFA as simple as clicking a link, or downloading a form, and then inviting your friends and family to join you in supporting KFA.

Questions? Contact Us! If you'd like to hold a fundraiser for KFA, please contact us so you can be provided with the information and materials that you eneed.

Fun & Easy Fundraisers

25 Keys for KFA

Download this fun and easy fundraiser, then ask your coworkers, friends, and family to spare a dollar to raise awareness of food allergies and support our cause. It's that easy!

Download 25 Keys for KFA PDF (PDF)
Upcoming KFA Events

Athletes for KFA

Are you participating in a swim meet, bike race, marathon, or other sporting event? Why not fundraise while you do it by collecting donations? Your efforts will raise awareness of food allergies and help children with food allergies and their families. We can send you a pledge form and donation envelope.

You can also set up a Firstgiving™ web page to collect donations online! See below for more information about Firstgiving™ online fundraisers.
Raise Money for KFA on Firstgiving

Easy Online Fundraising

Supporting your efforts is easy for your friends and family when you create a Firstgiving™ online fundraising page to benefit KFA. Your customized page can be used in conjunction with any event to benefit KFA, such as an email campaign, local event, or benefit party.

Personalize your fundraiser by adding images, your own message, videos, and more. Then share the fundraising page with others through e-mail, blog widgets, or a fundraising app for Facebook.

Have questions? Visit Firstgiving's Help Page

See sample Firstgiving™ online fundraisers:

    Captain Jack's Peanut-Free Pirates

Special Occasion — Birthday Giving

Consider asking for donations in lieu of gifts for a birthday party or special occasion.

Are you on Facebook? It's easy to sign-up for a Facebook Birthday Wish and ask your friends and family to make a contribution to KFA.

Or consider following Alex's lead:

Alex D., 6 years old: For his sixth birthday, Alex and his family hosted a "KFA Benefit Birthday Party" and gave guests the option to make a donation to KFA instead of bringing gifts. Alex was excited to raise money for KFA and was able to tell his friends about how much KFA has helped his family. After the party, he sent the donations his guests brought as well as the birthday money his relatives sent him. His mother enclosed a note to KFA that read, "Please accept Alex's birthday present money. My little 6 year-old is a big man... happily donating what could have been presents. We are very proud of him."

Page last updated 10/08/2009

KFA is a national nonprofit food allergy organization dedicated to fostering optimal health, nutrition,
and well-being of children with food allergies by providing education and a caring
support community for their families and caregivers.

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