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August 8, 2012

What Parents Need to Know About Food Allergy in Schools
We had more than 500 parents, educators, school nurses and physicians attend our informatve back-to-school webinar last week featuring presenters Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, and Nancy Polmear-Swendris, RN, CSN (certified school nurse). In response to the numerous comments, questions and requests for more information from the audience about school issues, we're pleased to announce that our August 28th webinar will be a continuation of the topic, with Dr. Michael Pistiner leading a Q&A session based on the unanswered questions from last week's session.

If you were unable to attend last week's webinar, Food Allergies in School: What Parents Need to Know (Part 1) is now available as a recording.

Seats are limited, so register early for Part 2! We will record the next webinar and it will be available a few days after the event.

Food Allergy in School: What Parents Need to Know (Part 2)

August 28, 2012
2pm Eastern (11 am Pacific)

KFA's webinars are FREE!

Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, is a pediatric allergist,
father of a child with food allergies, chair of KFA's Medical
Advisory Team, and co-founder of AllergyHome.org

Here are additional resources that will help prepare you and your child for entering school:

Resources from Part 1 of the School Webinars
Many resources are mentioned in the school webinar (part 1). Our archive of the webinar includes links to those resources so you can download and print them as necessary, including: the handwashing study, a Food Allergy Action Plan and more!

Going to school with food allergies 10 Tips for Getting Your Child Off to a New School Safely
Just diagnosed and not sure where to start? Lynda Mitchell shares her recommendations for parents to ensure a smooth transition.

10 Tips to a Healthy Student-School Partnership
Use these guidelines to help foster a good relationship with your child's school.

Potential Food Allergens in Preschool and School Activities
This list is terrific to share with teachers so they know what crafts and activities contain potential food allergens.

Visit KFA's library of articles for school planning, back-to-school basics, managing food allergies at school, preparing for preschool or college and more!


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Send a special message to a child with food allergies and support Kids With Food Allergies Foundation at the same time by purchasing a personal ad to honor your child(ren). For as little as $30, show a child with food allergies how proud you are of them and that you know they can do anything! DEADLINE: August 10, 2012

9 Out of 10 Adults Don't Have the Skills Needed to Manage Their Child's Food Allergies HELP US SAVE LIVES!
Food allergies are complicated. Learning how to manage food allergies saves lives. But what if a parent doesn't speak English, doesn't have computer access or doesn't have good reading skills?

According to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy Health literacy, only 12% of adults are proficient in health literacy. In other words, nearly 9 out of 10 adults may lack the skills needed to manage their own health and their children's health — including food allergies.

Help us reach at-risk families by making a donation to support our new educational initiatives.

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Food Allergy Facts

KFA's Medical Advisory Team Explains the New NIAID Guidelines for Diagnosing and Management of Food Allergy NEW!
An explanation for parents of up-to-date allergy advice including diagnosis, management and prevention of food allergy. This article covers food allergy testing, emergency management of food allergies, and mothers restricting their diet during pregnancy.

Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Steamed Rice Flour Cake Made with Few Ingredients NEW!
One of our members, Maren, contributed this recipe to our Safe Eats allergy-friendly recipes collection. It has very few ingredients, making it a great option for kids with restricted diets due to multiple food allergies or eosinophilic disorders but can tolerate rice.

Super Sun-Dried Tomatoes! 3 Allergy-Friendly Recipes NEW!
Guest blogger and food allergy cookbook author, Linda Coss shares three sun-dried tomato recipes: Simply Sensational Chicken Sauté, Sun-Dried Tomato Spread, and Sun-Dried Tomato Rice.

Must-Read Topics on our Support Forums

Our Kids With Food Allergies Foundation online community is mobile! We have an iPhone App and our community has a mobile version for all mobile browsers and also works in standard (web) view. You can access KFA whenever you need us. Registration is free!

Back from Disney Cruise Booked with My Magic Journeys
A family that participated in KFA's Disney fundraiser with My Magic Journeys gives a review of their Disney vacation and how they handled food allergies.

Had to Use the EpiPen, Long Night in the ER
A mother describes her child's severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) which did not include hives as a symptom.

Back-to-School: Check the Expiration on Medications!
"As you're getting ready for the new school year - remember to check expiration dates on all meds that are going to school with your child (EpiPens, Benadryl, inhalers, etc.)." Do you have any other reminders to share?

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Mabel's Labels
Click to visit the website of Mabel's Labels.

Surf Sweets
Click to visit the website of Surf Sweets.

Carlson Labs
Click to visit the website of Carlson Labs.

Carlson Laboratories supports Kids with Food Allergies Foundation! From July 1 through September 30 when you purchase Carlson for Kids products from retail stores involved with the KFA promotion, you can help support the Kids with Food Allergies Foundation. All Carlson for Kids products are gluten-free and contain no wheat, casein, rye, milk, or artificial dyes. Visit CarslonLabs.com for a list of retailers.

Food Allergy News and Research

Oral Immunotherapy Shows Promise as Treatment for Egg Allergy
NIH-funded study suggests that egg therapy helps children overcome their egg allergy. NOTE: This is not something to do at home! This form of desensitization is being researched and studied.

U.S. Sesame Seed Allergy Cases Are Rising
As sesame becomes more prominent in the American diet, the cases of sesame seed allergy rise; but sesame is not required to be labeled in plain English on food labels in the U.S., making it a difficult allergy to manage.

Canada's New Food Allergy Labels on Foods
All foods in Canada must list the top allergens with their common names to make it easier for consumers to identify allergens in food. There are exceptions to the law.

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked KFA's Allergy Recall Alerts recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Cass-Clay Creamery: Premium Light Double Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream (peanuts, soy)
Mount Franklin Foods: Sunrise Indian Corn Candy (milk, sulfites)
Wimberger's Old World Bakery: various bakery products (milk, soy, wheat)
Spillson's: Texas BBQ Beef Sandwiches (soy, wheat)

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Mount Franklin Foods: Sunrise Indian Corn Candy
Wimberger's Old World Bakery: various bakery products

Peanut Allergy Alerts:
Cass-Clay Creamery: Premium Light Double Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

Soy Allergy Alerts:

Cass-Clay Creamery: Premium Light Double Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream
Spillson's: Texas BBQ Beef Sandwishes
Wimberger's Old World Bakery: various bakery products

Shellfish Allergy Alerts:

Piccadilly Fine Foods: Top Nosh Farmer's Market Chicken and Yam with Coconut Curry Pies

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
Cass-Clay Creamery: Cass-Clay and Hornbacher's Maple Nut Ice Creams (Brazil nuts)
Clif Bars: Coocnut Chocolate Chip Clif (coconut)

Wheat Allergy Alerts:
Spillson's: Texas BBQ Beef Sandwiches
Wimberger's Old World Bakery: various bakery products
Tony Downs Foods: Tyson Premium Chunk Chicken

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Melinda's Biscotti: Almond Biscotti (milk, wheat)
Melinda's Bicotti: Gluten-Free Almond Dark Chocolate Biscotti and Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Biscotti (milk, tree nut)
Canada Bread Company: Dempster's Signature 100% Whole Wheat Bread (oats, barley)

Egg Allergy Alerts:
Montreal Kosher: Potato Knish

Gluten Allergy Alerts:
Healthy Times: Oatmeal Cereal for Baby

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Melinda's Biscotti: Almond Biscotti, Gluten-Free Almond Dark Chocolate Biscotti and Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Biscotti
TWI Foods: Crispy Just Baked Punjabi Cookies
TWI Foods: Crispy Just Baked, Crispy and Sunrize Oven Fresh brands of cookies
Healthcare Food Services: HFS Minced Carrots
Four Star Enterprise: Erom Dr. Hwang's Black Soy and Rice Drink

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
Melinda's Biscotti: Gluten-Free Almond Dark Chocolate Biscotti and Lemon Blueberry White Chocolate Biscotti

Wheat Allergy Alerts:
Melinda's Biscotti: Almond Biscotti
Healthy Times: Oatmeal Cereal for Baby

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