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KFA launches new lifesaving program HELP US REACH AT-RISK FAMILIES!

Summer camp guide for food allergies by Dr. Michael Pistiner NEW

Save the date for our 4th annual expo

Learn how to save money on your groceries!

Upcoming webinar on inclusion in schools

Ticks linked to meat allergy

Schools need to be prepared for kids experiencing their first allergic reaction

Fairfield, NJ cops now carrying epinephrine

Is composting safe for those with food allergy?

Antibacterial products linked to allergy risk

Food provided by non-parents account for half of allergic reactions

2 new allergy-friendly food finds!

Find out more about Neocate

Allergy Buyer's Guide

How did your first month go after diagnosis?

I took my daughter to ice cream today!

Dealing with asthma, eczema or reflux?

14 food allergy recall warnings

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June 27, 2012

Kids With Food Allergies Foundation Launches ACCESS KFA Program

ACCESS KFA is Kids With Food Allergies Foundation's new lifesaving program to help families who may not know that our resources exist or may have trouble accessing them.


The initiatives we'd like to undertake are to:

  • Develop resource materials written in plain English (less medical-speak) so that most parents can read and understand them.
  • Provide materials in Spanish.
  • Continue KFA's new webinar series on a variety of useful topics to all families. Non-written materials are a great way to educate parents of all reading levels.
Your support ensures that we can begin ACCESS KFA to reach more families who may not know about our resources or may have trouble accessing them.

Donate by phone: (215) 230-5394    Donate Online     Donate by Mail     Donate via Paypal

Kind Regards,

Lynda Mitchell


Summer Camp and Food Allergies NEW!
Summer camp and food allergiesChildren with food allergies have the same emotional and developmental needs as children without food allergies. Although participating in summer camps and growing from these experiences are important for all children, safety cannot be compromised. Dr. Michael Pistiner provides tips to ensure a safe summer camp experience for kids with food allergies.

REGISTER NOW! 4th Annual Strides for Safe Kids® KFA Fundraiser in Philadelphia
Join us this year for a KFA fundraising walk (or stroll!), food allergy awareness, family entertainment and friendship. We encourage all families interested in supporting food allergy education and awareness to attend. Pre-register for the Mall Walk and your family will receive one free child's Team Safe Kids T-shirt. Extra T-shirts will be available for purchase at the event for $10 each.

Money Saving Ideas For Families With Food Allergies WATCH RECORDING!
In case you missed the live event, KFA has archived a recording of our free webinar with guest speaker Sarah Roe (the Money Saving Queen)! As a parent of a food allergic child herself, she knows how expensive allergy-friendly foods can be and provided many tips on how to save money on your groceries.

Coming Soon! What Parents Need to Know about Inclusive Schools
Our next webinar in our free series will be held on July 31. Our guest speaker is Nicole Eredics — a special educator and expert on inclusion in schools. We will send you an invitation to register soon!


Sudden Breakout of Meat Allergies Linked to the Bite of a Tick
About 1,000 people have been affected by a meat allergy due to the Lone Star tick. The allergy is also puzzling because it involves delayed hives that appear several hours after eating beef, pork or lamb.

Schools Need to be Ready for Food Allergy Reactions
"It is reasonable to ensure that our schools are equipped and ready to handle undiagnosed food allergies. Certainly schools cannot be expected to handle every adverse health situation, but knowing that food allergies are prevalent and growing, and that treatment is available, it seems a logical step."

Fairfield, NJ Cops Now Carrying Epi-Pens to Save Those Suffering Allergic Reactions
"When seconds count, having Epi-Pens immediately available to our officers will invariably save lives."

Keep Composting Safe With These Precautions for Food Allergic Individuals
As we become more environmentally conscious, earth-friendly practices like composting are gaining popularity in homes and community settings. But is composting food waste safe for people with food allergies?

Antibacterials in Personal Care Products Linked to Allergy Risk
New research indicates that exposure to common antibacterial chemicals may make children more prone to allergies.

Study: Food Provided by Non-Parent Caregivers Account for Half of Food Allergy Reactions
A new study has revealed that 70% of children with peanut, milk or egg allergy have a food allergy reaction within a three-year span; half of all accidental ingestions occur under the care of a non-parent caregiver; and most accidental ingestions are due to label reading errors or cross-contamination.

A Message from Our Sponsor
Visit the Neocate website.

Must Read Forum Discussions

Register to participate on our online community and support group forums.

How Did Your First Few Months Go After Your Child Was Diagnosed?
"I feel like the mother of all idiots for how many accidents and allergic reactions we've had. I feel like I make a mistake at least twice a week, which probably makes me seem reckless to others. Please tell me that some of you fumbled around in confusion as much as I have the first month after your little one was diagnosed?"

I Took My Daughter for Ice Cream Today!
A mom finds a creative solution and a helpful business owner to provide a safe outing for her peanut and nut-allergic child.

FORUM PROFILE: Asthma, Eczema and Reflux (GERD)
Have you been up all night tending to a child with asthma, eczema or reflux? This is the place for you to find comfort and support from other sleep-deprived parents. The daily check-in topic for parents dealing with asthma is one of the most active topics on our support forums.

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Visit KFA's Allergy Buyer's Guide to find foods and products that cater to the food-allergic consumer. Please let our sponsors know that you found them through KFA!

Surf Sweets
Click to visit the website of Recalls+.

New Food Finds

New Food Finds can be found on our new Food, Nutrition and Recipes blog and we will highlight these in our issues of KFA eNews. The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturers if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child.

Nacho Bean and Rice Chips Beanfields Bean & Rice Chips
Called the vegan answer to Doritos, these new chips are corn-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, and do not contain any of the top allergens as ingredients. Read our report and review to find out more about their allergen warning and their nutrition information.

Allergy-Friendly Spice Coatings
Namaste Foods introduces four new gluten-free coating mixes made with flax meal and whole grain flours: Italian Herb, Hot 'n Spicy, Homestyle and Barbecue. These spice coatings and other Namaste products are manufactured in an allergen-free facility.

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked KFA's Allergy Recall Alerts recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Trader Joe's: Cranberry Apple Stuffed Chicken Breast (milk, soy, MSG)
Ben & Jerry's: Chocolate Nougat Crunch Ice Cream (peanuts, treenuts)
Safeway Select: Lasagnas (egg, soy)

Egg Allergy Alerts:
Hannaford Supermarkets: Mini Frosted Cookies

Soy Allergy Alerts:
Truitt Bros.: Premium Navy Beans

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
Sienna Bakery: Oatmeal Walnut Raisin and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies
Oskri Corp.: Peach Granola

Wheat Allergy Alerts:
BaLe Meat Processing & Wholesale: various pork products

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Gluten Allergy Alerts:
North Coast Naturals: Organic Hemp Protein

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Pâtisseries Sanda: Mille-Feuilles Custard
Tora Bika: Cappucino Extra Choco Granule
Nona: Puddings

Sulfite Allergy Alerts:
Granny Appleton: Flavoured Pineapple Wedges and Crystallized Ginger
Koska: Apricot Preserve

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