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Kids With Food Allergies
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Keeping kids included on Halloween

Safely celebrate Halloween!

Exciting Halloween event for kids COMING SOON

Your partnership with KFA

The scariest Halloween I've ever had

Wendy's menu changes affect those with milk allergy

Scientists turn off food allergies

Learn more about Neocate

Find allergy-friendly foods for Halloween

Getting a grip on the grocery bill

Another food event that excludes my child!

Egg substitute for pumpkin bread

Food allergy recall warnings

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Trade or Treat Halloween
Trade-or-Treat Halloween
The No Biggie Bunch doesn't just trick-or-treat, they TRADE-or-treat as they swap the candy they're allergic to for space-age surprises.

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October 19, 2011

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Halloween Witch Cake Allergy-Friendly Recipes Let Our Kids Feel Included
Make over a dozen Halloween treats without tricky allergens! Most of the recipes included are available free to the public and can be made free of the top eight allergens. The recipes marked with a Family Membership are exclusive recipes available only to our KFA Family Members.

Don't forget to visit one of our Food & Cooking forums if you need any additional party or recipe ideas, or if you need assistance with recipe substitutions.

From witch cakes to gel worms, from eyeball cupcakes to sugar jack-o-lantern lollipops, these treats will help your food-allergic child feel included in celebrating Halloween!

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies jack-o-lantern cookies Eyeball Cupcakes Jello Worms

Safely Celebrate Halloween with Food Allergies
KFA has a great collection of Safe Eats™ recipes, and a supportive and caring online community where you can connect with other parents preparing for Halloween. See what they are all doing, ask questions or bounce ideas off other parents who really understand the special challenges Halloween presents for children with food allergies.

Exciting Halloween Event for Kids   COMING SOON!
We are excited to announce that KFA is partnering with Enjoy Life Foods to host an educational campaign and contest for Halloween. Check your inbox on Monday for details about this year's Halloween event for kids!

A Message from Our Sponsor
Visit the Neocate website.


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A few things about Family Membership we'd like you to know!

•     A KFA Family Membership is a partnership to ensure your child's health and safety
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The KFA Family Membership is the best way we can help you ensure the health and safety of your child. Family Members have exclusive access to information such as school planning tools, sample 504 plans and our report on food allergens in vaccines. Support Net™ magazine keeps you up to date on the latest news in the food allergy world. In addition, we've added 200 new recipes to our online recipe collection, which now contains 1,200 recipes searchable by allergens you need to avoid! Parenting a child with food allergies can be challenging. Let us work with you to keep your child safe and healthy.

In addition to the benefits of Family Membership, we will also send you the KFA membership kit which provides many useful items for the food allergic family. The kit includes items valued above the price of one year of membership!

- 6 1/4" x 8" x 2" travel bag — perfect for carrying medicines ($10 value)
- A special welcome edition of KFA's Support Net® publication
- The most recent edition of KFA's Support Net®
- Discount membership from the MedicAlert Foundation
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- Enjoy Life Foods' Survival Guide
-$1.00 off coupon from Ian's Natural Foods
- An informational brochure about KFA
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FAANotes: Lynda Mitchell Shares "The Most Frightening Halloween I've Ever Had"
" I am sharing this story so that you don't make the same mistake I did."

Wendy's Menu Changes Affect Those with Milk Allergy
Paul Antico of Allergy Eats has new and updated information about the new Wendy's menu and how it affects those with milk allergy.

Scientists Turn Off Food Allergies
"Scientists may have found a way to turn off food allergies.Researchers from Northwestern University found a way to tweak the immune system so that it doesn't go haywire when foods like peanuts and eggs are encountered — in mice, at least."

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Visit KFA's Allergy Buyer's Guide to find foods and products that cater to the food-allergic consumer. Please let our sponsors know that you found them through KFA!

Enjoy Life
Click to visit the website of Enjoy Life.

Click to visit the website of Surf Sweets.

Click to visit the website of Wegmans.

Must Read Forum Discussions

Sign up for an Associate Membership (no fee) to participate on our online support group forums.

Getting a Grip on the Grocery Bill - Allergen-Free Shopping Help
Parents discuss how to save money when shopping for allergy-friendly foods.

Another Food Event That Exludes My Child!
One family is encountering food-based lessons or parties in the classroom on a weekly basis.

Egg Substitute for Pumpkin Bread
What is the best egg substitute for pumpkin bread?

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked the Allergy Recall Alerts section at KFA recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

  • Murray Biscuit Company: Sugar Free Chocolate Chip cookies (undeclared treenuts)
  • Kroger: Private Selection Extreme Moose Tracks Ice Cream (undeclared peanuts)
  • Now Foods: Brewer's Yeast Tablets (undeclared milk)
  • Lean Cuisine: Dinnertime Selects Chicken Fettucini (undeclared shellfish)
  • Chef's Requested Foods: Bacon Wrapped Beef Steaks (undeclared wheat)
  • Prolab: Protein products (undeclared milk and wheat)
  • Flowers Foods: Mrs. Freshley's Canadian Labeled Cereal Bars (undeclared milk)

Canadian Allergy Recalls

  • Dorgel: Lemon Gelato (undeclared milk)
  • Mr. Croquette: Rice Patties and Noodle Patties (undeclared milk, soy, and wheat)
  • Summer Star Trading: Maple Smell Dried Sweet Potato (undeclared sulfites)
  • Primo brand: Hearty Chicken Soup (undeclared milk)
  • Flowers Foods: Mrs. Freshley's multipack cereal bars (undeclared milk)

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