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Help food allergy families in OK

Free webinar on how to train babysitters and caregivers

The faces of food allergies

Free educational videos about food allergy

No Co-Pay Offer from EpiPen

Food allergy facts about risk factors

PA Senator wants schools ready for allergic emergencies

MN passes law to stock epinephrine in schools

Twins create life-saving allergy device

Siblings without food allergies, how to keep it "fair"?

I left my boys with a babysitter but forgot to take care of myself!

Milk allergy: What is real life like?

Allergy-friendly companies that support KFA

13 food allergy recall warnings



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May 23, 2013

How to Help Food Allergy Families in Oklahoma
Monday, May 20, Moore, Oklahoma experienced a tornado. The tornado caused vast devastation, including many fatalities and injuries. As Food Allergy parents, some of us survivors of the recent Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast in 2012, we are mindful of what this will mean in the weeks ahead as survivors are moved to shelters. In the shelters, survivors of the tornado will rely on food from food banks, churches, the Red Cross and FEMA.

The Kids With Food Allergies Disaster Committee reached out to a support group in Oklahoma who will be accepting food-allergy friendly donations, including gluten-free foods and elemental formulas in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We are waiting to hear from other food banks on whether or not they will be accepting or prefer cash, small boxes, or palettes of food.

The Oklahoma Food Allergy Support Group has secured the following locations that will be able to accept donations:

(food donations)
Attn: Becky Matlack and Oklahoma Food Allergy Support Group
The Cherokee Hills Church of Christ
6724 NW 63
Oklahoma City, OK 73132


(food or cash donations)
Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
3355 S Purdue Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73137

If you would like to send a food donation, please label your box "Moore, OK: Food Allergy Friendly Food" on the outside.

Please follow KFA's Leadership blog for updates and more information on this disaster relief effort.

These tornadoes are reminders to parents of children with food allergies and/or asthma to set up an emergency plan tailored to your family's needs: Food Allergy Disaster Emergency Plan Preparedness.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the town of Moore, OK. If you are a support group leader or active in your local food allergy or asthma community, please let me know if you'd like to help serve on the Kids With Food Allergies Disaster Committee. Our mission is to have a base in every major city in the United States.

With thanks,

Heidi Bayer
Board of Directors Chair
Kids With Food Allergies
hbayer (at) kidswithfoodallergies (dot) org



Parties, Playdates and Babysitters - Oh, My!
Tips for Drop Off Parties, Playdates, and Using Babysitters and Caregivers

In recognition of national Asthma and Allergy month, we are hosting a free online webinar (meeting) to help educate and spread awareness about how to care for a child with food allergies.

Dr. Sarah Boudreau-Romano and Dr. Michael Pistiner will talk about safe transitions for children with food allergies at drop off parties and play dates, and when using babysitters and caregivers. They will bring their perspectives as pediatric allergists and parents of children with food allergies, and will share their experiences and challenges. They will review important things caregivers need to know to prevent allergic reactions and to be prepared to respond to an allergy emergency.

Michael Pistiner, MD, MMSc, is chair of KFA's Medical Advisory Team and is a frequent guest speaker in our educational webinars. He is also co-founder of AllergyHome.org. Sarah Boudreau-Romano, MD, is founder of TheAllergistMom.com and joined Dr. Pistiner last fall for our webinar on celebrating holidays with food allergies.

This FREE webinar is made possible by an unrestricted educational grant provided by Mylan.

Register today and submit your questions in the comments box!

May 28, 2013
2 pm Eastern | 11 am Pacific

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Faces of Food Allergies and Food Allergy Awareness Week
Thank you for joining us in spreading awareness about food allergies last week. We had nearly 1,000 photos submitted of happy, beautiful children. We shared food allergy facts which can be found at any time on our blog and shared. May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, so we will continue our efforts to educate about these life-threatening diseases. Thank you for your support!

Looking for Free Food Allergy Education Tools?
Each month, KFA hosts experts in their fields to dicuss a topic related to food allergies in a live online meeting (webinar). These webinars are recorded and converted to video so that they can be watched and shared at any time. The content in these webinars is very valuable, so we urge you to watch and share these one-hour videos.

A Message from Our Sponsors

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injector. In celebration of this anniversary and as part of our continued commitment to access, Mylan Specialty has developed a 25th Anniversary "$0 Co-Pay Offer". The offer is available to both cash-paying and commercially insured patients. This offer provides up to $100 off per EpiPen 2-Pak®. Certain restrictions apply. Patients can re-use the offer with an unlimited number of prescriptions until the coupon expiration date, December 31, 2013. The offer is valid on up to three EpiPen 2-Pak or EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons per prescription. The co-pay card is available through physicians across the country this week. Patients can also contact Mylan Customer Service at 1-800-395-3376 with any questions, and can obtain additional information about the co-pay card at www.EpiPen.com.

Food Allergy News and Research

PA Senator Wants Schools Ready for Allergic Emergencies
Senator Matt Smith recently introduced legislation that would require Pennsylvania schools to have epinephrine auto-injectors on hand for the treatment of food allergy reactions.

Minnesota Passes Epinephrine in Schools Legislation (PDF)
Congratulations, Minnesota! The Education Conference Committee report (which included a provision to stock undesignated epinephrine) was passed by the Minnesota House of Representatives and Senate over the weekend. It is now on its way to the Governor to be signed into law!

Twins Create Life-Saving Allergy Device (CNN Video)
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta profiles twins with severe allergies who developed a device to help other allergy sufferers.

Food Allergy Facts

Food Allergy Awareness: Risk Factors for Developing Food Allergy

Did you know?

Family history of allergic diseases and the presence of eczema are risk factors for the development of both sensitization to food and confirmed food allergy.

Source: NIH Publication, Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States: Summary for Patients, Families, and Caregivers. (Download PDF)

Allergy Buyer's Guide

I'm Not Nuts
Click to visit the website of I'm Not Nuts.

Click to visit the website of Applegate.

Click to visit the website of Kiddo Tags.

Click to visit the website of Auvi-Q.

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Our Kids With Food Allergies online community is mobile! We have an iPhone App. In addition, our community has a mobile version for all mobile browsers and also works in standard (web) view. You can access KFA whenever you need us. Registration is free!

How Do You Handle Siblings Without Allergies?
If one child has food allergies, and the other doesn't, how do you handle foods in the home?

I Left My Boys with a Babysitter for the First Time
After all the preparation of ensuring the kids would be safe, this mom had a reaction while out at date night.

For Severely Milk-Allergic: What is Real Life Like?
How in the world do you live a busy, full life avoiding something so common as milk?

NEW on Our Community: Our community hosts "Clips" (images, videos) categorized into "Sets" (albums). You can see thousands of pictures of other children living full lives with food allergies. Sometimes seeing that you are not alone is really powerful: Faces of Food Allergies.

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked KFA's Allergy Recall Alerts recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Foster Farms Grilled Chicken Breast Strips Boneless & Skinless with Rib Meat (wheat, soy)
Next by Nature: Dark Chocolate Bananas (milk, treenuts)
Savoie's Cajun Singles: Louisiana Pork and Chicken Stew (milk, soy)
Hannaford: Gourmet Cookies (peanuts, treenuts)
IGA: Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream (coconut, soy, treenuts)
Pure Herbs: Protein Extract (milk, soy)
Whole Foods: Curried Chicken Salad and Vegan Chick'n Salad (egg, soy, chicken)
Xymogen: artriphen supplement (milk, soy)

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Jolly Good Melton Mowbray Brand: Pie
LL Bakery White Farm Enriched White Breat, Butter Farm Enriched White Bread and Italian Cream Danish

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Rococo Fine Foods: Nut Products

Sesame Allergy Alerts:
Skinny B: Dragons' Blend Breakfast Cereal

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
The Bakery Counter: Caramel Apple Cinnamon Pudding Ring Cake

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