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Latest food allergy treatment research

Free webinar on why epinephrine is needed in schools

Is your EMS able to handle anaphylaxis?

Summer camp registration

No Co-Pay Offer from EpiPen

Food allergy facts about routine food allergy testing

Adult food allergies present workplace challenges

Florida parents urge lawmakers to stock epinephrine in schools

Anaphylaxis wallet cards

My son passed his baked egg challenge!

Is couponing really worth it?

How to keep EpiPen secure in kindergarten?

Allergy-friendly companies that support KFA

6 food allergy recall warnings



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April 24, 2013

Dr. Michael Land, an advisor on Kids With Food Allergies Foundation's Medical Advisory Team, who is also a parent of child with food allergies, explains all of the new treatments being studied for food allergy:

I'm the father of a food allergic child. If you're reading this, I am guessing you or someone close to you has a food allergy. The minute you found out about this diagnosis, I'm sure the first thought going through your head was, “How can we treat this?” Well, I sure did, and I still think about it often. Every day in clinic, I am fortunate to have a special opportunity to share my knowledge and experience as a doctor and also as a parent. One of the most common questions I get is, “Will my child have this for the rest of her life?”

Well, the answer is quite possibly, “No,” because of incredible research and ideas from some of the brightest minds in our field, supported by research funding through private and federal grants (keep up your support!). I am confident in my lifetime that there will be an active form of treatment for food allergies. Continue reading...

Epinephrine in Schools: What You Need to Know

Charlotte Collins, JD, and Michael Pistiner, MD, will lead a live discussion on April 30 at 2 pm Eastern to explain why access to epinephrine in schools is important to children who are at risk for anaphylaxis. Join us to discuss the four key issues presented by stocking epinephrine in schools, major challenges in current state laws and common approaches to addressing each challenge. Find out what actions you can take now to promote appropriate use of epinephrine in schools.

Ms. Collins is AAFA's VP of Policy and Programs and directs AAFA's state advocacy promoting access to epinephrine in schools. Dr. Pistiner is chair of KFA's Medical Advisory Team and co-founder of AllergyHome.org.
He also serves as a voluntary consultant for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, School Health Services.

This FREE webinar is made possible by an unrestricted educational grant provided by Mylan.

Register to reserve your spot!

April 30, 2013
2 pm Eastern | 11 am Pacific

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or call-in to listen-only mode with your phone

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2013 marks AAFA's 60th anniversary! Today we are the only patient organization that funds research for both asthma and allergic diseases.

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Is your community EMS is able to handle anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction)?

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Going to Summer Camp with Food Allergies
Summer camp registration has begun and we have many resources to help you plan so your child can have a safe and enjoyable camp experience.

12 Summer Camp Planning Tips

Summer Camp Checklist for Kids with Food Allergies or Asthma

Going Camping? Wilderness Words of Wisdom

Management of Food Allergies in Camps: Training Module from AllergyHome

Summer Camps for kids with food allergies:

Camp Blue Spruce (Oregon)
Northwaters Adventure Camp (Toronto; open to U.S. residents)

A Message from Our Sponsors

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of EpiPen® (epinephrine) Auto-Injector. In celebration of this anniversary and as part of our continued commitment to access, Mylan Specialty has developed a 25th Anniversary "$0 Co-Pay Offer". The offer is available to both cash-paying and commercially insured patients. This offer provides up to $100 off per EpiPen 2-Pak®. Certain restrictions apply. Patients can re-use the offer with an unlimited number of prescriptions until the coupon expiration date, December 31, 2013. The offer is valid on up to three EpiPen 2-Pak or EpiPen Jr 2-Pak® cartons per prescription. The co-pay card is available through physicians across the country this week. Patients can also contact Mylan Customer Service at 1-800-395-3376 with any questions, and can obtain additional information about the co-pay card at www.EpiPen.com.

Food Allergy News and Research

Adult Peanut Allergies Present Workplace Challenges
What happens when children with food allergies grow up and enter the work force?

FL: Parents Want Schools to be Allowed to Stock Life-Saving Epinephrine
Thank you to Erin Bohacek, a KFA member, for speaking up on the issue of stocking epinephrine in Florida schools.

New Anaphylaxis Wallet Card from AAAAI (English and Spanish)
Download the newly updated Anaphylaxis Wallet Card (PDF) from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. The file contains both English and Spanish versions.

Food Allergy Facts

Food Allergy Awareness: Routine Food Allergy Testing

Did you know?

There is not enough evidence to recommend routine food allergy testing before introducing highly allergenic foods (such as milk, egg, and peanut) to children who are at high risk of reacting to these foods. Children at high risk are those who already have severe allergic disease or a family history of food allergy.

Source: NIH Publication, Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States: Summary for Patients, Families, and Caregivers.

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Click to visit the website of AllerMates.

Click to visit the website of SunButter.

Click to visit the website of Auvi-Q.

Vermont Nut Free
Click to visit the website of Vermont Nut Free.

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My Son Passed His Baked Egg Challenge!
Join us in congratulating Jakob on his successful baked egg challenge and wish him luck in his upcoming baked milk challenge.

Is Couponing Really Worth It?
"How tricky is it to stay on top of rounding up coupons regularly, plus using them before the expiration dates?"

Self-Carrying Epinephrine in Kindergarten: How to Keep It Secure?
A member's school has proposed a confusing plan on how to secure her student's auto-injector. How does your child safely carry epinephrine?

NEW on Our Community: We have launched a new forum for money saving tips to help families with the expenses associated with food allergies. Find coupons, special deals from our sponsors, share budget tips and more. Join us for Money Saving Tips for Families Managing Food Allergies.

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked KFA's Allergy Recall Alerts recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Wegmans: Food You Feel Good About Roasted Red Pepper Dip (egg, milk)

Milk Allergy Alerts:
O Organics: Black Bean Enchiladas
Go Max Go: Vegan Candy Bars

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
Chappaqua Crunch: GF Simply Granola with Flax and Fruit

Wheat Allergy Alerts:
Formosa: Pork Szu

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Mustard Allergy Alerts:
Cedar Bay: Shrimp Haddock Nest

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