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Adventures with apples: teaching kids kitchen skills (includes apple recipes)

Anaphylaxis essay contest for students to win a scholarship

Food allergy facts

79% of kids with food allergies report being bullied

New VA epinephrine law saves another student's life

Overwhelmed with milk allergy and breastfeeding

Be careful about the words PASS and FAIL

The phone call

Allergy-friendly companies that support KFA

11 food allergy recall warnings

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October 1, 2012

Food Allergy Tests: What Do They Mean?

When trying to determine whether a child has a food allergy, there are many steps involved. One of the steps is allergy diagnostic testing (such as skin prick tests or specific IgE blood tests). Dr. David Stukus explains what you need to know about diagnostic food allergy testing and the role it plays in determining whether a child has a food allergy.

Dr. Stukus is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in Allergy/Immunology at Nationwide Children's Hospital and a member of Kids With Food Allergies Foundation's Medical Advisory Team.


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Mylan Specialty L.P. has partnered with Julie Bowen, star of ABC's hit show, “Modern Family,” as well as a mom in real life to a young son with life-threatening allergies, to launch a new educational initiative, Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis. TheGet Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge™ invites students (grades 1-12) to write an essay describing an original idea to help make schools more aware of and better prepared for anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction. Fifteen students will win a $2,000 scholarship. Visit www.Anaphylaxis101.com to learn more, and spread the word about the Get Schooled in Anaphylaxis Challenge! Submission deadline for entries is Friday, Nov. 9, 2012.

Allergy-Friendly Recipes

Adventures with Apples: Teaching Kids with Allergies About Foods NEW!
Read Meg and Jude's adventures with picking apples, canning and preserving foods, and making allergy-friendly recipes with their harvest.

Meg shares why it is important to teach our children small tasks in the kitchen.

Recipes include 8-Minute Apple Chunks, Jude's First Apple Pie, and Homemade Applesauce.

Food Allergy News and Research

79% of Kids with Food Allergies Report Being Bullied
A study by the ACAAI found that 79 percent of kids and teens with food allergies reported being bullied, teased or harrassed due to their food allergies. Of those bullied, 59 percent described events in which someone used the food in a menacing way (touched them, waved it at them, or threw it at them). Read on to find out how we can prevent bullying due to food allergies.

Virginia's School Epinephrine Law Saves Another Student's Life
A high school student from Freedom High School was assessed and treated for anaphylaxis by the school's nurse. Virginia recently passed a law that allows schools to have emergency epinephrine on stock at the school, allowing schools to save the lives of children with known allergies as well as students suffering from an allergic reaction for the first time.

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Click to visit the Gimbal's Facebook page to enter.

Click to visit the website of Applegate.

Click to visit the website of AchooAllergy.

Food Allergy Facts

Food Allergy Awareness: Routine Food Allergy Testing
Did you know? There is not enough evidence to recommend routine food allergy testing before introducing highly allergenic foods (such as milk, egg, and peanut) to children who are at a high risk of reacting to these foods. Children at high risk are those who already have severe allergic disease or a family history of food allergy.

Source: NIH Publication, Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States: Summary for Patients, Families, and Caregivers.

Must-Read Topics on our Support Forums

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Overwhelmed with New Milk Allergy and Breastfeeding
"I've never had to think about food before in my life. I don't have food allergies myself. I have a very high metabolism and have always been able to eat whatever I want whenever I want it. Now I feel lost. And hungry."

Be Careful About Using the Words Pass/Fail When Little Ears Are Listening
The Allergist Mom shares an essay regarding the use of the words Pass and Fail for food challenges.

The Phone Call
"My cell phone is the main phone number for my daughter's school to call in case of an emergency. I carry it with me at all times. I think my anxiety levels have tripled with this tangible reminder of the chance for a reaction. Does anyone else feel this way?"

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked KFA's Allergy Recall Alerts recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
Maine Natural Health: Whey Protein Concentrates (milk, peanut, shelfish)
Hanover: Jams & Jellies (milk, soy)

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Foster Farms: Honey Crunchy Corn Dogs
Makowski's Real Sausage Company: Cooked White Bratwurst

Peanut Allergy Alerts:
Goodies by Nature: Black Mix Crisp and Crisp Mix
General Mills: Almond Nature Sweet and Salty Nut Granola Bars

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alerts:
The Poultry Place: Chicken Wings (egg, wheat)
Safeway Select Szechuan Chicken and Red Thai Curry Chicken (fish,sesame, shellfish)

Peanut Allergy Alerts:
Kydon Brand: Tahini
Valpiform: Pain Soleil and Pain de Mie

Sesame Allergy Alerts:
El Camino Real Bakery: First Grain Bars

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