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Kids With Food Allergies
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Food allergy presents extra concerns for disaster preparation NEW!

Save the date for our 4th annual expo

Experience the magic of an allergy-friendly Disney vacation

Employer matching gift programs

Our community is mobile-friendly!

New VA law requires schools to carry epinephrine

Doubts cast on food intolerance testing

3 new allergy-friendly food finds!

Find out more about Neocate

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Need tips for travelling with toddler

When do kids start to understand?

What is your policy on foods made on shared equipment?

21 food allergy recall warnings

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The Allergy Buddy Club
The Allergy Buddy Club
by Cindy Rice Andrea

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April 25, 2012

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Disaster and Emergency Preparedness for Families with Food Allergies

Many families are masters at managing daily life with food allergies, but few are prepared for emergencies such as major weather events or power outages. Some disasters, such as tornadoes and earthquakes, occur with little to no warning.

Over the past 7 years, many of our members have survived a natural disaster, severe storm or emergency blackout. Are you prepared if your family is unexpectedly affected by a disaster or emergency?

Food allergies, restricted diets and other medical conditions require extra planning to prepare for an emergency. Read KFA's latest resource on Disaster and Emergency Preparedness for Families with Food Allergies to help your family start planning today.


Save the Date! 4th Annual Strides for Safe Kids™ KFA Fundraiser in Philadelphia
KFA's biggest event of the year has been scheduled for September 9th, 2012. More details coming soon!

Reminder! Does Your Employer Have a Matching Gift Program?
If your employer offers to match donations to charity, we would appreciate if you would send KFA your employer's donation match forms so that you can double your impact in helping to educate families, save children's lives and create healthy futures for them.

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Disney fundraiser for Kids With Food Allergies Experience the Magic of an Allergy-Friendly Disney Vacation!
Book your Disney vacation with My Magic Journeys and mention "KFA" — 4% of your package total will be donated to KFA at no additional cost to you! Disney travel agent Lissa Critz specializes in traveling to Disney with food allergies. You'll get the guaranteed lowest price, personalized itinerary planning, including assistance with Disney's Special Diets teams, and you'll help support the good work that KFA does for food-allergic families. Even if you already have a Disney vacation booked, you may still qualify for the KFA promotion!

KFA's Online Community is Mobile-Friendly!
If you have not visited our community recently, please check it out. We have new enhancements to our forums to make it even easier for all of us to work together to keep our kids safe and healthy. Invite friends to join our community


Virigina Law Now Requires Schools to Carry Epinephrine
The new law will require Virginia schools to carry epinephrine auto-injectors in case a child has a severe allergic reaction.

Doubts Cast on Food Intolerance Testing
"Allergists and gastroenterologists say that although food intolerance does occur — most of it involving specific food sugars like lactose or fructose — the tests being marketed to consumers have no scientific basis."

A Message from Our Sponsor
Visit the Neocate website.

Must Read Forum Discussions

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Traveling with Severely Allergic 14-month-old
A mother dealing with a new diagnosis of multiple food allergies seeks advice on how to travel with an allergic toddler.

When Do They Start to Understand?
"When did your kids start to understand that the food that you are not letting them have makes them sick? That you aren't just being mean?"

What Is Your Policy Regarding Foods Made on Same Equipment?
"Do you allow nut-free products from a bakery that is not nut-free (e.g. birthday cupcakes)? Do you allow products manufactured on the same equipment as nuts? From unknown manufacturers? From huge companies like Mars or Kraft? Do you allow products that may contain traces of nuts?"

Allergy Buyer's Guide

Visit KFA's Allergy Buyer's Guide to find foods and products that cater to the food-allergic consumer. Please let our sponsors know that you found them through KFA!

Surf Sweets
Click to visit the website of Surf Sweets.

Click to visit the Amazon storefront of OK2BPNUTFREE.

New Food Finds

New Food Finds can be found on our new Food, Nutrition and Recipes blog and we will highlight these in our issues of KFA eNews. The information shared here is for your convenience only, it is not an endorsement or guarantee of the product's safety. Please read the ingredient labels and contact the manufacturers if needed to confirm the safety of a product for your child.

Cybele's Cookies Cybele's Free-to-Eat Cookies
Cybele Pascal has a new line of allergy-friendly, certified gluten-free, vegan and Kosher cookies that are manufactured in a dedicated allergy-free facility.

Daiya Cheese Wedges (Milk-Free, Soy-Free)
Daiya has created three new cheese wedges/blocks: Cheddar, Jack and Jalapeno Garlic Havarti.

CoCoYo and CocoKefir The Vegg: An Egg Yolk Substitute for Egg Allergy
The Vegg is a vegan egg yolk alternative and allows those with egg allergy to finally have a replacement for fried or scrambled eggs, Hollandaise sauce, frittatas, omelets, and more.

Food Allergy Recalls

Food Alerts! Have you checked the Allergy Recall Alerts section at KFA recently? The following foods were recently recalled:

U.S. Allergy Recalls

Multiple Allergen Alert:
MastihaShop Brand: Pies, Pasta and Spreads (milk, egg, wheat, nuts)

Egg Allergy Alerts:
Old Style Sausage: various products
Kwik Trip: Glazers Donuts

Fish Allergy Alerts:
Stouffer's: Lasagna

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Mission Foods, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Hannaford, and Food Lion: Taco Dinner Kits
Full Circle: Concierge Snack Nut Blend
Knott's Berry Farm: Berry Cookies

Peanut Allergy Alerts:
Harry & David: Premium Kansas City Style Barbeque Almonds
Kathy Kaye Foods: Classic Caramel Cob Junior

Soy Allergy Alerts:
Full Circle: Concierge Snack Nut Blend
Fisher: Vanilla Bean Almonds and Cocoa Mocha Almonds

Sulfite Allergy Alerts:
Peacock Brand: Preserved Apricots

Tree Nut Allergy Alerts:
Rajbhog Foods: Vegetable Biryani

Canadian Allergy Recalls

Egg Allergy Alerts:
Overwaitea Food Group: Croissants
Uncle T Food: Noodles

Gluten Allergy Alerts:
Nicole's: Divine Crackers - Dilly Dillingham

Milk Allergy Alerts:
Uncle T Food: Salt Sauce Noodle Products

Sesame Allergy Alerts:
Benfield Inc.: Black Soy and Plain Soy Beverage

Soy Allergy Alerts:
Kub Bakery: Pumpernickel Bread
Benfield Inc.: Black Soy Beverage

Shellfish Allergy Alerts:
Transhing Investment Inc.: Koh-Kae Peanuts with Thai Tom Yum Spicy Flavour

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