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Celebrating Easter booklet Updated!

30 allergy safe Easter basket items

Allergic to eggs? Easter egg decorating ideas

Celebrating Passover booklet Updated!

Easter recipes

Passover recipes

Chocolate bunnies and treats

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Celebrating Easter and Passover with Food Allergies

We're sending this special Easter and Passover issue to you early so it will be helpful as you plan your holidays, and give you plenty of time to mail order safe Easter candy if you choose to do so.

Last year, the companies that sold milk-free, nut-free chocolate Easter bunnies ran out early and stopped taking orders. So if you do plan to purchase safe Easter bunnies, some allergy-friendly companies that offer them are included in this issue along with other resources to help make your Easter or Passover safe and fun for your entire family.

Lynda Mitchell and the KFA Team

Celebrating Easter with Food Allergies (Download PDF Adobe PDF Reader)

This booklet contains tips and ideas to help you safely celebrate Easter with food allergic children, including: allergy-safe crafts, Easter basket ideas, Easter egg hunts, Easter egg decorating activities and allergen-free recipes. First published in 2008, this booklet has been updated for 2009.

Food allergy safe Easter baskets (HTML)

Instead of using milk chocolate, real eggs and other items that present allergy hazards, try filling your Easter baskets with these non-food items that are peanut-free, egg-free and milk-free.

Easter egg decorating for children with an egg allergy (HTML)

Real eggs and egg cartons can pose a hazard to egg allergic children, so as an alternative, try these five Easter egg decorating activities.

Celebrating Passover with Food Allergies (HTML)

This booklet contains tips and ideas to help you safely celebrate Passover with food allergic children, including: preparing for the Seder, activities for Seder, allergy-free Passover recipes, and Passover resources. First published in 2008, this booklet has been updated for 2009. Download PDF Adobe PDF Reader


The Safe Eats™ Recipe Database can be accessed in full, 24 hours a day, by our Family Membership Subscribers. To get a preview of the Safe Eats™, free featured recipes are available to all Web site visitors and are included in this issue of eNews.

Reminder: Safe Eats™ recipes are donated by members and have not been tested in a test kitchen. Be sure to verify the safety of all ingredients.

Easter Recipes
Beef and Potato Pie
Cottage Pie

(milk free)

Crunch Chocolates
(milk and nut free)

Just Sugar Lollipops
Easter Recipes
Corn-Free Marshmallows
Corn-Free Marshmallows

Allergy Buyer's Guide

The following sponsors offer allergy-friendly Easter treats. Be sure to visit the Allergy Buyer's Guide section of our Web site to see a growing list of businesses that provide allergy-friendly products and services!

Click on the banner to visit the Vermont Nut Free Web site.

We have a complete line of peanut-free and tree nut-free treats for Easter. Choose from several sizes and flavors of chocolate bunnies, cream filled eggs, buttercream or caramel filled bunnies, jelly beans and pre-packaged or custom Easter baskets.

Click on the banner to visit the Divvies Web site.

Everyone will want Divvies gourmet chocolate bunnies (made of solid, gourmet peanut-free, tree nut-free, milk-free, egg-free and gluten-free chocolate and hand poured in Divvies-own molds, this 5-ounce bunny is made in Divvies' dedicated facility) and jelly beans in their high-tail it to before these limited edition bunnies are gone!

NEW! Premium Chocolatiers -Milk Free Chocolates
Premium Chocolatiers is where you will find the finest gourmet truffles and chocolates suitable for chocolate lovers with milk and nut sensitivities. Enjoy quality milk-like, dairy-free chocolates! We manufacture the chocolates using our signature blend of roasted cocoa beans along with the finest ingredients. Check out our line of Easter favorites!

Chocolate Emporium
Celebrate Easter or any special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, with gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free confections from the Chocolate Emporium. We have been creating and shipping our specialty gourmet Easter Eggs & Bunnies, truffles and fancy chocolates throughout the U.S. for over ten years to customers with food allergies. Kosher supervision Star K Pareve.

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