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Featured Allergy-Free Recipe: Dairy-Free Nachos (Black Bean Salad)

Allergy-Free Side Dish Recipe: Rainbow Scoops
Recipe Information  
Category: Side Dishes
# of Servings: 10-12
Recipe Created By: Amy
  • Ingredients  
  • 2  15 oz cans  black beans
    1  11 oz can  yellow and white corn
    1    small orange bell pepper, chopped
    1    small red onion, chopped
    30    grape tomatoes, quartered
      1/4 cup  fresh cilantro, chopped
      2 tsp  jarred minced garlic
      2 Tbsp  balsamic vinegar
      1 Tbsp  olive oil
      1 tsp  kosher salt
      1/2 tsp  crushed red pepper flakes
    1  bag  "scoop" tortilla or corn chips
  • Instructions
  • Drain and rinse black beans and pour into large mixing bowl. Drain and rinse yellow and white corn and add to bowl. Add the remaining ingredients (except the "scoop" chips) and mix until thoroughly combined. Either chill in the refrigerator and pack in a prepared, insulated thermos or pack in a container in an insulated lunch bag with a freezer pack. Eat by scooping with "scoop" chips.
  • Comments  
  • Dairy Free NachosIron Chef KFA Battle Lunchbox Entrees September 2007 Bread and Deli Meat free: First place winner (tie).

    Challenger's statement:

    Your kids will love eating this chilled salad with scoop chips so much that they won't notice all of the nutrition hiding in it (or that blue is missing from the rainbow)!

    (Any leftover salad makes an excellent side dish for grilled chicken or a yummy filling for a wrap sandwich.)
    Copyright 2007 Amy Wallace.
  • Substitutions  
  • Use dairy, egg, soy, wheat and/or gluten free ingredients as needed. Be sure to check that your tortilla chips are not cross contaminated w/ sesame or cooked in peanut oil if needed.
     This recipe is free of:
     Milk  Peanut  Egg  Soy  Tree nut  Corn
     Gluten  Wheat  Fish  Shellfish  Sesame  


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